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tye in Saint Louis, Missouri

116 months ago

I seem to be having a problem finding work here in St. Louis as a cook. I believe my resume to be my problem. My employment has been kind of ruff. 3 jobs in 8 months. 1 as a cashier/order taker another as a line cook & prep cook and the last as a waiter. My credentials show what little schooling I have as a cook (culinary vocational & trade school), but I would relly like to continue working FOH as a server. Nobody will hire a limited exp. server. So I ask, What should I do?


TessM in Blue Springs, Missouri

110 months ago

Your best bet is to go to the US Coast Guard Web Site and search for "Merchant Mariner" then download the documents, get them filled out and get what is known as a "Z Card". With no expierence you would most likely have to go thru an agency and pay a small fee. Try Maritime Headhunters, they are on the web. You will also need a "TWIC" card, look up the TSA web site. Cruise ship jobs do not pay as well as other Merchant Vessels.


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