Wanted: copy editing translated material

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Thunder in Hayward, California

116 months ago

Hi everyone,

New to this forum. I'm looking for copy editors who are interested in editing materials translated from a foreign language by non-native English speakers.

- Native English speakers with college level writing

- $10 / 1000 original words

Anyone interested please copy edit the following short paragraph and send it to:

Your attention is appreciated!


At the age of six, my son was full of “you must” all day long. Very often he goes like “You must do this or that” when speaking to us. After noticing this, I tried to correct him by telling him “you must” was not a good word. If someone uses “you must” frequently enough people will gradually depart him and he will no longer be able to receive help and strength from his surroundings. Not quite see the reasoning, my son asked “why is that a bad word? And why won’t I receive help if I say that?” I told him that is because behind this word “must” there is no spirit of negotiation. We have to have negation in mind when working together. Using words like “must” to demand other people will only provoke their hostility, rather than to accumulate their strength. Nothing can be achieved without negotiation in mind.


Scott in Boston, Massachusetts

116 months ago

I would be happy to assist at the offered rate. Following is my writing sample:

My six-year-old son is very demanding. I began to notice this in his use of language
when speaking to us, especially his choice of foul language. I tried to correct this new habit
by explaining that if he continues to use "bad" words, others will begin avoiding him
and not want to help him.

He seemed a little puzzled and asked, "Why won't people help me?"
I explained that when he is demanding and using such disagreeable language,
there is no feeling of cooperation. You wouldn't want others to speak to
you this way and, quite frankly, it "turns people off"!
Nothing will be accomplished by using this sort of language and
he will find better results by not using "bad" words.

Please feel free to contact me at:


Scott Lesniewski
Editorial Services

Thank you.


jb in Boston, Massachusetts

114 months ago

big surprise everyone,
this is a scam


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