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Updated 7 minutes ago

CDCR 2018, APPLICANTS - 1023 Replies

[QUOTE who="Evan in Saint Louis, Missouri"]Woohoo! Nice brother! You're almost to the finish line! I know you and Jr are neck and neck. Keep me...


Updated 2 hours ago

NY Correctional Academy - 37620 Replies

In my packet it says to bring something with your work history ? Did you guys just write it down on a piece of paper or what?


C.o baltimore 2018

Is there anyone who is going through the process now in Baltimore?? How is it moving for you guys?


Updated 3 days ago

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) CDCR - 105 Replies

[QUOTE who="benjr65 in Crescent City, California"] I...

Positive vibes

Updated 3 days ago

words of wisdom please!! - 1845 Replies

I have orientation on Aug 29. Should I do a physical with my PCP before I go? Or just wait until they ask? On the list it just asked for current...


Updated 3 days ago

Correction Officer in Connecticut - 5853 Replies

Not sure but hopefully mine are expecting a phone call!! Fingers crossed


Updated 4 days ago

CDCR JULY HIRING LIST 2018 - 45 Replies

[QUOTE who="Robjnben in Brentwood, California"]When you log onto your account does is show status accepted and in process?[/QUOTE] Yeah,...


Updated 5 days ago

Got WTHLD from the CDCR, What now? - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bern90 in Sacramento, California"]I recently got wthld from the process for admitting I smoked marijuana two years ago(one isolated...


Updated 5 days ago

NYS Correction Officer Exam & Process Updates - 2018 - 34 Replies

After looking at other forums and reading posts from those who already started the process and going to the academy, my timeline suggest the academy...


Updated 5 days ago

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE) - 292 Replies

[QUOTE who="Den89 in San Diego, California"]no, my doctor hasn't heard from CDCR. They should of sent her the required documents for her to re test...


Updated 6 days ago

AUGUST 14 ACADAMY 2018 - 76 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cdh1320 in Rocklin, California"]Just got the app. Cant seem to find the group when I search.[/QUOTE] Ok look in the CDCR 2018 July...

Cash me ousside howbow dah

Updated 6 days ago


[QUOTE who="Tmac in Kerman, California"]Wait they can do a second one[/QUOTE] You pay for second one. Once you get disqualified they send you link...


Updated 6 days ago

Need advice (preferably military folks) CDCR Process/ Deployment - 3 Replies

Is there anyone who is a CO in the state of California currently serving in the National Guard? I ship out to boot camp on Nov 2018, but I want to...


Updated 7 days ago

CDCR 2017 BACKGROUND CHECK - 213 Replies

[QUOTE who="Matt559 in Fresno, California"]Hey I have a question. I've stolen from a company 2 years ago, I wasn't arrested or anything. I was...


Updated 11 days ago

Anyone work for PA DOC? - 31 Replies

I got an email for an interview!! I would also like to know if you get paid at the academy too. 5 weeks is a long time to go without income.


Updated 11 days ago

CDCR 2018 JULY ACADEMY - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="Guerrero, California"]Congratulations. Join our chat! It’s for the AUGUST ACADEMY![/QUOTE] Hey...


Updated 11 days ago


Hey, I was wondering what the deal is with trading prisons once you get an offer. I've heard of people doing it but is it actually allowed??

Brindaa23 in California

Updated 12 days ago


Seems as though we're in for a wait.. I cleared September 20th and I'm a 5 series applicant.. I emailed CDCR on their email address that answers any...

Jason in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 12 days ago

CDCR 2017 November Academy - 1358 Replies

Might as well start this thread. I hope I will make the November academy.

niyat in Los Angeles, California

Updated 13 days ago

Tomorrow I take the written exam. CDCR - 141 Replies

I take the written exam tomorrow at 8am in Fresno. I wasn't even going after reading about the possible layoffs but I really want this as a career so...

Marioram93 in Kingsburg, California

Updated 14 days ago

CDCR 2017 applicants - 156 Replies

So I wanted to start this forum for us 2017 CDCR applicants to get an idea of how the process is moving along. I see that some people have been in...

Nassr Mohammed in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 14 days ago

Not qualified CDCR - 29 Replies

I received a letter in the mail. I was withheld / disqualified because i made a false report one time when I was a security guard. This incident...

Brindaa23 in California

Updated 14 days ago

CDCR October 2017 Academy - 1121 Replies

Ok. August offers are done. I hope all of our the rest of March 31st hiring list cadets come here and share info. We are on the same boat.

Jared in Potsdam, New York

Updated 15 days ago

Conditions in New York State Correction Academy - 201 Replies

I wanted to know what to expect at the NYS Correction Academy. Are the rooms very small and cramped? Didn't want to bring too much if thats the case....

David-916 in Elk Grove, California

Updated 16 days ago

CDCR July 2018 Youth Corrections Academy - 113 Replies

Anyone going to the July BJCA? I got an offer earlier this week for YCC for N.A Chad.

Umtron5 in Paducah, Kentucky

Updated 16 days ago

Correctional officer in Alaska - 1 Reply

So I'm just looking to see if there's anyone else here that have applied in Alaska. I have already passed the psych written and Background. Just had...

Cristhian Heredia in Riverside, California


Im currently in the process of my Phs packet , I was wondering there are pages were I have nothing to put do I leave It blank ? Or put N/A on every...

AR15/556/223 in Ontario, California

CDCR 2018 background investigation

Can I pass my background investigation for corrections if I admit that I used to hang around with gangs at a young age in my teenager years but I...

AR15/556/223 in Ontario, California


Can I pass my background investigation for corrections if I admit that I used to hang around with gangs at a young age in my teenager years but I...

Fouch95 in Shingle Springs, California

Updated 20 days ago


Hello all, i figured i would make this post to hopefully gather candidates headed to the CDCR academy August 14th 2018! Im working on making a group...

Dgonzales in Stockton, California

Updated 21 days ago

CDCR 2018 MAY ACADEMY - 613 Replies

Sounds like there are a ton of applicants that cleared a while back and still haven’t gone to the academy. So realisticly I’m shouting for the May...

NiceyPooh23 in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 24 days ago

How long does the whole process take? - 1197 Replies

I live and applied to work in MD DOC for the county though, I passed my exam and turned in my investigation packet about 2 weeks ago and I was...

Jdmjohn87 in Perris, California

Updated 24 days ago

August academy cdcr meetup - 1 Reply

Where’s all the August academy people at?

DT01 in Manteca, California

Updated 24 days ago

CDCR January 2018 Academy - 738 Replies

Might as well start it. For those of us that arent making it to the November academy.

CTthatdude in Fontana, California

Federal vs State Jail

Hey all, I’m a current employee and just applied to a federal correctional officer position. Any pros vs cons from a state prison? How is the...

rlua in Los Angeles, California

Updated 26 days ago


Anyone else still waiting to clear medical & Psych? 08/2016 - Application (5 series candidate) 10/2016 - Written (80%) 11/2016 - PFT 01/2017 -...

Ambitions in Sacramento, California

Updated 26 days ago

Corretional Officer Training - 24 Replies

I want to work for baltimore city as a correctional officer. i wanted to know does anyone know where the 6 week training will be because i do not...

Candace Summer

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR 2018 April Academy - 227 Replies

New thread for those of us who are still waiting. Hopefully April has our name on it.

Sally in Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Trial Day

I had a trial day last week Was told i did well and was expecting to get job on feedback But later found out I am one of very many doing the FREE...

GRN in Fort Collins, Colorado

Updated 1 month ago

Susanville ca High desert prison - 3 Replies

Who else is taking the offer to susanville?

RJ in Frostburg, Maryland

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR - Drug Testing. - 5 Replies

I have been legally smoking cannabis for over a year now. This plant has helped so much in my everyday life. It has made me appreciate the world, the...

Crystal in San Bernardino, California

Updated 1 month ago

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail) - 230 Replies

Has anyone taken this evaluation for the CDCR lately? I was wondering what is needed to prepare for this or what kind of questions are asked. I...

Laura in Canton, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

Tips for corrections officer interviews. - 249 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming corrections officer interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

Brian in Las Vegas, Nevada

Juvenile felony

I have my written test next month but I have a felony charge when I was a kid will this dq me or do I still have a chance

yellowrose in Clovis, California

Updated 1 month ago

Cdcr hopefuls - 311 Replies

Please post

Evan in Anaheim, California

Updated 1 month ago

PHS - 2 Replies

Anybody out here that can help me on the “PHS” ? Would be real helpful

Jerry Ross in Los Angeles, California

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR CVSA TEST - 43 Replies

I'm scheduled to have a CVSA test on June 21st... anybody got any advice for me on what to expect? I'd appreciate it. Good luck to you all!!!

JonathanCO in Colton, California

CO Group Chat

For those who want to share, have questions, or learn more about the process of becoming a CO. Join my group chat on the LINE messaging app. Some...

kryss in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 1 month ago

Nevada State Corrections - 740 Replies

I passed the physical fitness test, and took the drug test and physch exam. I go a conditional offer of employment stating: It will take 10-16...

Evan in Anaheim, California

Updated 2 months ago

Cdcr - 3 Replies

I applied back in October of 2016, and have just been cleared for everything in April of this year. What should I expect now ?

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