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rainenytes in Fullerton, California

I need a job ASAP

I have cashier experience, also Assistant Manger experience.

Paris Cousar in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

I am interested in a stock or cleaning job

I am very good at cleaning i have experience and can give details. Stock i have experience and can give more details.

cs in Danville, Virginia

Updated 27 months ago

crew member - 4 Replies

i would love to be a crew member apart of the discussion because we can learn so skills but yes i would like to join

donjae traille in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Updated 44 months ago

crew member - 25 Replies

i need a job

MATTHEW WORTHEN in Tampa, Florida

Updated 47 months ago

Getting a crew member job. - 10 Replies

How did you get your start doing crew member work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

Meg in Skopje, Macedonia

Couples on cruise ships

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me and give me some info on which cruise lines are couples friendly and willing to keep couples together on...

michael walworth in Valparaiso, Indiana


i need a job. im hard working and dont stop till the jobs done.

chrisbrooks149@*****.*** in Richmond, Virginia

future employment

i really don't know where this will take me, but with a bit of luck something will come of it. i plan to relocate to the lynchburg area in the very...

helendenisedee in West Palm Beach, Florida

this is so hard to find a job

this bills are killing me like no job is out there and now one whats to help you at all

osses in Colón, Panama

new to the cruise industry

hello i was hire as a security guard or officer if there is any differences and if there is anybody outthere that can provide me with as much...

osses in Colón, Panama

security guard

hello as i explain before i was just hired for the security guard position and i would like to know if possible what are the regular working hours...

osses in Colón, Panama

new crewmember payment question

hi i was actually just hired to work on a cruise and i would like to know when do i get my first pay, i mean for example i'll start on the 30th of...

Abdul in Coimbatore, India

Updated 115 months ago

Part time employment - 1 Reply

I need any kind of work,usually P/T,at no more than $8.00 per hr. Respectfully Yours, Michael Olivieri

BROWNSTEPH79@YAHOO in Cleveland, Ohio



mahesh in Akron, Ohio

kitchen help

plez give me more information about ur hotel

jalisa in Millville, New Jersey

why can't i find a job

i really need a job right now because i need to make money by going to work would you help me find an job and then i want to go to college but i...

karisa maxwell in Muncie, Indiana

Updated 119 months ago

Needs to work asap - 3 Replies

I am a very hard worker that looks for things to do after completing a assigned task. I am dependable and always on time when I am scheduled to work....

SharayOJ in Dillon, South Carolina

Finding the right job

i'm 17 years old and i'm trying to find a job in conway or myrtle beach because it's closer to where all my family works. if you could find me a job...

hottie2 in Terre Haute, Indiana



Crystal Burris in Gastonia, North Carolina

Updated 133 months ago

A job in North Carolina - 1 Reply

Hi I need A job somewhere in the Carolinas, it would help me out a whole lot!!!


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What do you enjoy most about your crew member career?

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Are crew member job opportunities growing or declining?

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What are the best crew member qualifications and training to get ahead?

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Top crew member skills needed to get the job.

What are the top 3 traits or skills every crew member must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your crew member expertise?

What's great about where you work? If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Got a question? Share the best and worst about what you do and where you work by joining a discussion or starting your own.

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