What can I do with call center experience that is not in a call center?

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scruffy67 in Saint Louis, Missouri

30 months ago

I guess I am what you might call a career call center associate. I estimate I have worked in call centers for a total of 14 years. When we were downsized from my previous position, I swore never to work in a call center again. I even went back to school for a year, but was unable to complete the program. So after seeing career counselors, taking all kinds of assessments, and watching my savings disappear, I took the first job that would take me – at a call center.
As burned out as I was when I was laid off – after 13 years with the company – I still enjoy helping people and I have always appreciated the amount of autonomy and trust we were given in my last job. We had metrics we had to follow, but if we met the main requirements and if the overall average talk time was with-in the parameters, we were OK. We really felt valued and respected and had a sense of ownership.
My current job is a lot different. Our calls get picked apart for using phrases like “bear with me” or “run that by me again”. Also the nature of the calls, the auxiliary tasks we must do, the inadequate training we had, and the extremely slow computers make it difficult to meet the talk time goals. However, instead of taking the whole picture into consideration, we are singled out and treated like problem employees.
I am really trying to keep my chin up and have a good attitude, but I’m ready for a change. My problem is that I am beginning to feel that my experience at the last job, which doesn’t exist anymore, was an exception rather than the rule with call centers. So what can I do with years of customer service experience that doesn’t involve working in a call center, selling, cold calling, or collections and doesn’t require going back to school?


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