What does it take to get your foot in the door?

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Lain83 in Gulf Shores, Alabama

101 months ago

I was laid off of my very amazing job on August 3 this year, prompting me to pack up and move out of state like I'd been wanting to but never having the guts to- one reason being I did not want to leave my job. I have tried applying with temp agencies, as well as shooting out my resume to anyplace with an email address, and so far I've managed to get ONE temp job that only lasted a week before completion. What does it take to be given a chance in this area? I'm getting frustrated but I do not want to pack up and move back home, either.


HeidiS in Nashua, New Hampshire

100 months ago

Don't give up hope. I've been unemployed for almost a year. I continue to network with networking groups in the area and with friends from previous jobs. It is important to keep in touch with influential people you've worked with or know because it helps you to maintain an optimistic outlook and attitude about the situation you're in. Also, remember, there are many people out there desperate for jobs as you are. You are not alone. If unemployment has caused you financial hardships, there are resources in your community to turn to for help. Remember to take time out for you and try to continue your search on a daily basis, getting up as if you were going to work, bathing, and dressing up. Go to employment agencies, temp agencies, and leave your resume. Best of luck to you.



darksidzz in Bolingbrook, Illinois

93 months ago

I"m back living with my parents because of this stuff, frankly I've thought about just giving up and flying to Hawaii to live on the beach while I start a new life :L


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