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Updated 8 hours ago

How to be more prepared for the law and ethics exam! - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="mw1222 in Arvada, Colorado"]If you can't pass a simple law test, you should not be licensed that simple[/QUOTE] The more I read this...

still retired

Updated 10 hours ago

Depressed Dental Hygienist - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="LadyBugOnWaterSkis LadyBugs in Tulsa, Oklahoma"]I see that many of the comments above were made about five years ago. Are Dental...

still retired

Updated 10 hours ago

Stopping SRP to go do prophy - 3 Replies

i guess those answering "NO" are pretty unethical...a root planned isnt a prophy. Its periodontal evaluation that lack honesty to call it what it...


Updated 1 day ago

I wish I could have done dental hygiene! Help!! I need advice! - 6 Replies

What did you end up doing?

LadyBugOnWaterSkis LadyBugs

Updated 2 days ago

I'm dental hygienists a good job or it worth it or not? - 1068 Replies

Re: posts by Peter DDS in Charlotte, North Carolina. Is this guy for real, or a troll? (I'm not even in the dental field but have been thinking...

Judy H.

Updated 2 days ago

Tips on passing the clinical exam - 137 Replies

[QUOTE who="Susmitha M. in Parrish, Florida"]Hi guys, I am a foreign student wanting to practice as an Hygienist in the US. I recently took the nbdhe...


Updated 8 days ago

Practicing Hygiene without a LICENSE?!?!!! - 171 Replies

SIMPLE ANSWER... are you allowed to drive a car, without a valid drivers licence? Didn't think so. There are laws in place for a reason. Jessa RDH


Updated 11 days ago

Relocating as a hygienist - 18 Replies

Hello! I’m in need of some information and I’m hoping someone can help. I’ve been a practicing dental hygienist for 12 years in Texas, and I’m...


What's your ideal part-time job look like?

There are so many jobs available in Bellevue, WA right now. How would YOU choose who to work for??? They seriously all look the same.


Updated 13 days ago

Admissions Test - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dipseydoo in Richmond Hill, Ontario"]Hi - Did any of you finally write the entrance exam in CADH? I am planning to write it in CADH and...


Updated 14 days ago

What Is The Wage Per Hour In Lethbridge Alberta??? - 1392 Replies

What if the assistant is scaling sung and she knows it. And is illegally not qualified... If the hygienist knows about it , what and where to...


Updated 15 days ago

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam - 1289 Replies

HI! Can someone please send me the study guide, I'm taking the exam in two weeks! Thanks!


Associates or Bachelor's for DH?

Hi i'm kind of stuck between going for an associates or bachelors degree in dental hygiene. I just started college after graduating from high school...


What's the Norm?

I work in a dental practice and our hygienist has stated that she does not want to do back to back scaling and root planing. She asks that we put a...


Updated 23 days ago

Commission VS Hourly Wage - 106 Replies

[QUOTE who="carla2 in santa fe, Texas"]I think that if a hygienist makes 12 or 15 hundred dollars in a day she should be entitled to more than 250 or...


Updated 23 days ago

Any DH happy with their career choice??? - 712 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cassie (Ontario) in Montreal, Quebec"]I'm from Ontario, Canada and am graduating from highschool in september and applied to both DH and...


Updated 25 days ago

Little Help On Working in the USA or in Europe - 2 Replies

You can totally forget to work in the USA as a dh! I have done one if the best educations as dh in Switzerland. Have lived in New York and now...


Dental Hygiene Patients!

Hi! I am a 2nd year student in need of patients in my area and having a hard time finding any. I especially need individuals who would qualify as...


Updated 1 month ago

Help with Detecting and Removing Subgingival Calculus - 9 Replies

I so feel the same. Sometimes it doesnt come off with the piezo and when i go back to hand scale subg i cant click it off. My instruments just slip....



I'm having a big dilemma, I am a current RDA I plan on going back to school for hygiene. I have an Associates in Science Degree already.I will be...


Updated 1 month ago

foreign trained dentists - 1099 Replies

anyone knows a place that can help with the clinical test for Florida dental hygiene licence exam


Updated 1 month ago

Any commission dental hygienists left out there? rate? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="dissapointed in Columbus, Ohio"]I have been fortunate to work in the same great office for the past ten years. I've always worked on...


Updated 1 month ago

Reusing gloves? - 5 Replies

I am a dental assistant working for a temping agency and to me also a dentist in Spring Texas told me only one pair of gloves per patient and to...

Rp in Nashville, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

African American Hygienists - 29 Replies

Hey Im looking into the dental hygiene career but wanna know how is the field for blk people like myself. Like is it hard to get jobs? Are you looked...

Darcy G in Hoschton, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

Dental Hygiene Boards/ Patient - 146 Replies

I am registered to take CRDTS exam in GA on Dec 7/8 and can't find a patient. It seems like the patients need a good bit of calculus to quality. Does...

dutchie in Mission, British Columbia

dental hygienest vs assistant

I want to go into the dental field and the dental assistant program near me is only 10 months but i'm also considering trying to get into UBC's...

Laura Whitley in Amelia, Ohio

Updated 1 month ago


I was looking in our Albuquerque Journal and found a job opening for PIMA Medical Institute for a dental hygiene instructor with a minumum of a BSDH...

RAV in Goodyear, Arizona

Updated 1 month ago

Going to Dental Hygiene School as a international dentist - 14 Replies

Hi, I have a bachelors degree in dental surgery(B.D.S)from my home country India. Now, i want to come and study dental hygiene at a community...

Isabelle Johnson in Denver, Colorado

Updated 2 months ago

computer software experience - 10 Replies

I have been a hygienist for 20 years and recently moved to GA. I understand the job market is tough, but my lack of training with Eaglesoft or...

Fab in Pittsburg, California

Updated 2 months ago

California RDH schools survey - 9 Replies

Hello all, I'm applying to RDH schools now. Just curious about others experiences, in California only. What schools did you apply for, and how...

Vcmpr in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago

Is it worth it to become a dental hygienist? - 11 Replies

I have a BS in biology and am currently attending my first semester for a master's (as a non-matriculated student) in biomedical sciences. My...

Lyl in Marina Del Rey, California

Updated 2 months ago

Is a Dental Hygiene program hard to get into? - 9 Replies

I am thinking of going to be a dental hygienist because I am graduating with a degree but I do not like it at all. So I called the school and asked...

sara in Brandon, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Florida dental hygiene: Computer simulated exam - 396 Replies

Taking clinical exam in December, but still need to take the CSE and law exam. Can anyone tell me how to study for the CSE. Contacted NERB and...

Tsai M in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 2 months ago

Dental Hygienist in Alberta, Canada - 4 Replies

Hi, Do I need to give clinical skills exam to practice as a DH in Alberta or I only need to write down the license exam of Alberta. I just got into a...

Ella in Edmonton, Alberta

BSc DH in Alberta vs. DH Diploma in a Private/Community College in Ontario

I’m a new high school graduate aspiring to become a dental hygienist someday. As of now, I’m enrolled in MacEwan University for my first year of...

Yuliaa in Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

Dose any one have old Canadian NDHCB exam question? - 3 Replies

I was working as a DH in other country. I am going to take NDHCB exam to transfer my license. I am looking for old exam Qs to practice but I can't...

Not a salesperson

Updated 2 months ago

Does anyone actually like being a Dental Hygienist? - 139 Replies

I have been an RDH for over 30 years and LOVE treating patients. Too bad it's not what hygiene is all about. It's about bringing in the bucks.... up...

Renee in Dover, Delaware

Updated 2 months ago

My profession is leaving me behind... - 233 Replies

Hi everyone! I have been a hygienist for 14 years. I graduated from the University of Detroit - Mercy (I see that there are a number of...

Lorena in Whitestone, New York

Updated 2 months ago

Is HOSTOS Comm. College Dental Hygiene Associate prog. really worth it or a waste of time? - 28 Replies

Hello everyone. I can't tell you how grateful I am for a forum such as this one. Even the negative comments have been helpful to me. I really just...

Nikki in Houston, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Colleges that offer dental hygiene programs in Houston, Texas? - 100 Replies

I've been leaning on going to UT MD for their Dental Hygiene program, but I need to know if there are other colleges or universities that offer the...

cypresswasawful in Tustin, California

Updated 3 months ago

If you have attended or graduated from Cypress, Cerritos, or PCC for Dental Hygiene can you PLEASE help!!!! Info needed <3 <3 <3 - 40 Replies

Letters for these colleges are coming in and I would like input on which school to choose. What the pros and cons are for each college.... I would...

Nilo in New York, New York

Which one is better for me? BS in biology or Dental hygiene AAS

I just come to US and want to change my field. I have Bachelor of art. Now I want a well paid job, and also I'm interested in Oral care careers. I am...

Curious Student in Ottawa

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Hygiene or Nursing? - 250 Replies

I have a huge question and can't make up my mind. I have been excepted to the Dental Hygiene Program, which is a two yr course. It starts in the Fall...

Cathy Z in Oceanside, New York

Updated 3 months ago

Relocating to SC...RDH - 10 Replies

My family and I are moving to SC within the next 6 months. How is the job market for dental hygienists? I have my SC license already. :)

Fairy in Rockville, Maryland

Updated 3 months ago

Getting out of the dental hygiene profession - 570 Replies

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you or anyone you know has left the dental hygiene profession and if so, what career did you chose? I am...

TT in New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated 3 months ago

Good Dental Hygienist Schools in Texas and Louisiana - 55 Replies

I am a Jr. in High School and I plan to attend college for 4 years after that I plan to attend dental hygienist school in Texas or Louisiana. I...

Anurva in Zephyrhills, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Being a dental hygienist in the Army? - 20 Replies

Hello everyone! I am currently thinking about applying for a dental hygiene job in the Army Medical Command. Is anyone currently working in this...

LadyBugOnWaterSkis LadyBugs in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Hygiene Interview Questions for College - 388 Replies

I am going for an interview next week in Orem, UT to Utah College of Dental Hygiene and need some help. I would like to know what questions might be...

Dawn in Georgia


I am doing a research paper on Arestin. I wanted opinions of other hygienist on the use of Arestin. 1. Do you think it helps? ...

HilaryL84 in Long Beach, Mississippi

Repetitive overuse injury claim in Mississippi

I am looking for information from anyone that has filed any type of repetitive overuse injury claim in Mississippi

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