Dental Office Assistant - Should I move up or stay put?

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Sarah in San Francisco, California

92 months ago

Hi all -- I'm looking for advice from those who have been in the dental field longer than I have. Here's my story: The long-time office manager at my work has decided to leave; and has been talking to me about taking her position. I've been her assistant for a few years, which is also the sum total of how long I've been in the dental field. I've learned a lot from her in a short time, and am already quite familiar with most of the front office tasks/functions, but I'm still not sure if I'm ready to take on the title of being office manager. It's just her and I in the front right now, so once she leaves, I'm guessing I'll pretty much need to take on her role until someone new is found, so should I just take the job? Or should I stay put as an admin assistant and let the dentist hire another office manager?

If I should take the job, what sort of knowledge, skills, and training would I need to make sure to have? Also, what kind of salary range should I look for?

If I shouldn't take the job, why not? I'd love to hear from your wisdom and experiences.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


nikki in Severna Park, Maryland

91 months ago

Hi, I know I am late to this post but I had to comment because I am actually in this very same situation! I have been a dental asst/office asst at a small practice for 2 yrs and our office manager has recently moved. I have been offered her position and I'd be very interested to see how it worked out for you so far, Sarah!


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