What is the difference between an office manager and a receptionist?

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HulaGirl in Portland, Oregon

75 months ago

Hello, I'm new here and I couldn't get a straight answer from google :)
I've been working in the dental field about a year as a receptionist and the doctor has been hinting that she would like me to become the office manager. It's a smaller practice, just the doctor, assistant, and I. Is there a big difference in responsisbilities?

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Elizabeth in North Chicago, Illinois

58 months ago

Medical and Dental practice or office managers actually manage and run the office so there'll be duties there that, as a receptionist, you wouldn't be doing.

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Denal office worker in Germantown, Maryland

30 months ago

Play out hypothetical situations regarding payment, complaints, or difficulties with patients. Establish the roles of the employees in the practice and how this relates to the doctors. Ensure that the doctors' styles match the needs and wants of the patients who frequent the practice. All employees must be trained in HIPAA and OSHA practices and regulations.

You need excellent billing skills, know how to collect from both patients and insurance companies. All the patients in the world mean very little if you can't collect payment. It sounds like you are the one dealing with and handle collections. Build relationships with credit bureaus and agencies to enable patients to pay, and enable the practice to collect when they don't.

Implement a strong recall system and perhaps encourage the owner to hire one extra employee and ask them to consider that person to attend to it on a daily basis. Bringing in new patients is important. Keeping them returning is more important.

Develop strong relationships with your dental labs and suppliers. You never know when there will be an emergency and you need their immediate assistance. Labs and suppliers also have various dental contacts and can be instrumental when you need to find contract employees specializing in specific dental areas (i.e. OSHA manager, malpractice lawyer, etc.).

Keep updated on all federal and state tax laws, and understand your workers' compensation insurance. Ensure that all insurance policies are updated and paid, including malpractice and liability insurance. Not a single day of business should go by without the necessary insurance policies being kept active and paid.

Every two to three months, oversee marketing programs and their success rates. Take note of which demographics are responding to which ad, and implement changes to market more aggressively in the niche that is responding to the practice.

Set aside time each week to observe operations in the front and back office. ~ the OM

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