start my 2000 international 4700 dt466e

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Joseph in Ruther Glen, Virginia

73 months ago

First of all, the DT does not have glow plugs. If it is equipped with a grid heater ( and not all DT's are ) you would see a block, about three inches thick with two wires attached to them in your intake pipe on top of your intake manifold. Assuming you DO have a grid heater, they are activated when you turn the key to the "ON" position ( to the right, just before the "START" position )and you should see a "WAIT TO START" light on your dash display. The length of time that the light stays on is temperature dependent -- the warmer it is outside, the shorter the time it will be on.
On another note, if the engine will not start even with the use of the grid heater, then there are a number of different issues that could be causing it -- Power to your Injector Drive Module or ECM ( common ), injectors, high pressure oil pump, Injector Pressure Regulator, cam sensor, fuel pump, etc.
I am a trained International technician and am VERY familiar with this engine. If you have a Check Engine Light on and the engine will not start or "stumbles" a long time while trying to start and finally does start but runs rough and smokes like a freight train, the issue is your injectors or high pressure oil rail orings ( very common ). Hope this helps.


jean01 in Spring Valley, New York

73 months ago

i really appreciate your help; i' am at work, tomorrow i' am going to try your tip, and see from there.

thank you,



Jerry J in Brookville, Pennsylvania

68 months ago

I am helping a friend on a 2000 International 4000 DT466e. It starts up just fine in 2 or 3 seconds, It idles at about 500 RPM, when you step on the accelerator the RPM's go up to about 1200, then drops back to an idle and stays there. At this point the pedal has on effect. Pulled the code #134 said APS/IVS-- APS singal and IVS disagree. I replaced the APS/IVS switch, things did not change. I measured the voltage, 5 volts was present. Any help would be appreciated.


Ron Futch in Bronson, Florida

2 months ago

I cut the body off my 2000 T466e and cut wires, now wan't crank up. I may have cut fuel pump wire, can someone tell me which wire and/or fuse is for the fuel pump? thanks.


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