unfair treatments at doller general

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Connie Spisak in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

99 months ago

i was fired last Friday,one one of many excusses but the one that really is upsetting is the one about bad custmor service. there is problems with every job but when theres hasserment with in the stores with employes they give you the oh shes not on her meds,or just turn away be the bigger person so i did i guess you need to go to your dm and let him know but then your labled as a troubled person. Well coming in to this postion I was informed that sherri Donaldson would be my only problem, and sure enought she was,but be cuse she lives in the area she knows everyone so our manger put us in the office and had us get it off our chest, done she apogized for her actions and said beings she recently quit her meds that it act this way,funny she did it or lets put it this way she couldent get along withn the other assit. manger and they transfered her and i around tim jenson did not want to0 lose her becuse she ask for let fund . her best friend and neighbor beth has sent a email to corp. did the dm check this out???? I belive not,even in the office i told them who sent it just by the way it sounded and sure enought it was not only a lie,but her best friend they the crew there was never a crew they did what they wanted there was no surport for me as the assit. manger tim never backed me up hard to be a evefective manger when you have no surport. so need i say more at this time im fired. go ridence to a bad company they treat there emmployees like crape and the good ones are let go and the crappy on stays . heres the secret to getting places ther go to your church and have them send letters to corp bragging how great you are,and then if you dont like the person you work with you again go to neibors and have then write lies again, and sherri who proclaimes she a christen,if this is what they pratice and theres are the people who work at doller general i want no part off. to persons who are looking for a job think twice about apply here low wages no benifits to speck of

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jim wilson in Valencia, California

87 months ago

Maybe you should learn how to "speeelllll" spell!

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