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JoeWheel001 in Ontario, California

I graduate in 1 year with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. How can I make the transition into Electrical Engineering?

Alright, so as far as I am aware, there are two paths: Path 1: Go to grad school to get a MSEE. For my school, at least, I would be required to...

FloridaEE82@*****.*** in Englewood, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

What industries are hiring? - 1 Reply

I'm a rising EE senior who has a focus on power. I have taken a few power classes and my internship this summer is in power. Sadly, I've realized...

Bill Bearnson in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Updated 17 months ago

Should I get my BSEE? - 61 Replies

In another lifetime (1989) I was granted a scholarship to study EE at UT-Austin. Due to various life events, most significantly including fracturing...

Surftout in Dallas, Texas

Entry level EE with many years professional experience

I am having an issue with finding full time positions after I graduate. I am retired military with many years of personnel management, but I am a new...

Confidential in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 26 months ago

Electrical Enginnering Job in Iraq, Afghanistan - 5 Replies

hey everyone. i want a job in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's not that i like wars. or the excitemnt of living in constant danger. the risk there can't be...

Ralph in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bachelor of science computer science , bachelor of science electrical engineering technology

I have worked for an electrical company , for over 22 years , I have held almost every position , from tech , foreman , project superintendent ,...

Collicutt Energy in Tustin, California

Upcoming Electrical Engineering Events in Los Angeles & San Francisco areas

Join Collicutt Energy and MTU Onsite Energy's 5-Star Engineering Evente. In addition to complimentary dinner and drinks, engineers' will have the...

Collicutt Energy in Tustin, California

Updated 39 months ago

Where to start as a EE - 1 Reply

Hi, I got my BS in EE on 05 from outside US and I worked as repair technician and project coordinator in telecommunication companies . Now it 5 years...

rake in Edinburg, Texas

advice for EE in the medical field jobs

Hi everyone, I was hoping if anyone could give me some advise on landing a job in the medical area with a b.s. in EE. I'm a couple of semesters...

Dimi in Bethpage, New York

Updated 49 months ago

Changing degree from Technology to Engineering? - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I’m currently a student in his junior year studying electronics engineering technology. I’ve been applying to colleges to...

Katie Parker in Roseville, California

Electrical Engineer with Consumer Product Experience Question

Volt Workforce Solutions has an exciting direct-hire job opportunity in San Francisco, CA for an Electrical Engineer with a start-up company. What...

Hi in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 51 months ago

Electrical Engineer Salary in the United States - 1 Reply

What is your salary? Or are you unemployed? I found this salary on the Department of Labor web page. Seems too high to me. $89,630 per...

Keith in Lorain, Ohio

Updated 51 months ago

Electrical Engineering Jobs - 2 Replies

Can an Israeli Electrical Engineer find work in the Los Angeles area? Any tips/info on engineering job market in the LA area (specifically for those...

Joe A in London, United Kingdom

UK Engineer looking for Opportunities in US or Canada

Hi guys I'm looking for some advice on how to Emigrate to Canada or the US. I'm a multi-skilled engineer with over 7 years of experience in the...

hsharma sharma in Finland

Foreign degree holder from Finland looking a job in USA

Hi there, I am in a great dilemma here on what should I pursue further to get my European degree recognized and land a job in USA. How is the job...

ThatKid in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 60 months ago

Not Happy Working as an RF Engineer - 1 Reply

Hi, I've been working for 7 years as an RF Design Engineer, but now I want to get out of it despite a strong analog and RF knowledge base of...

Denzil in Chennai, India

Computer Science Engineering Graduate to become an Electrical Engineer

Hi Friends, I am a Computer Science Graduate,I am facing lots of Problem in my job and i don't like to be in this IT industry and i found that...

Tom Endersby in Sheffield, United Kingdom

UK Electrical Engineering MEng graduate looking for opportunity to work in US/Canada

Hi guys, I am about to graduate with a 2.1 Masters in Electrical Engineering from a good UK university and I am interested in working in US or...

david yam in Covina, California

Electrical Engineering Assistant Job

Hello all, In a few days, I will be taking an exam for an Electrical Engineering Assistant job for a city here in Southern California. When I...

Karkas in Venezuela

I it enough to have my credentials evaluated to work in the US?

Good night. I am an electronic engineer and I am planning on have my credentials evaluated, to apply for a job in the US in the future, maybe later...

MF40 in United Kingdom

Recent UK graduate looking for opportunity and advice on US employment

Hi Guys, I am a UK electrical engineering graduate, i am 25 and I got my MEng earlier this year. I am moving to New York city later this year and...

mdieye in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Updated 64 months ago

UK Graduate looking for Opportunities in US or Canada - 3 Replies

Hi guys I'm looking for some advice on how to Emigrate to Canada or the US. I'm a mature UK student in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, I...

Julie.Tieu@t-force in Irvine, California

Updated 66 months ago

Engineering Job - 1 Reply

I will be graduating May 2011 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. I've done 3 internships over the past 3 summers. I've been apply to a number of...

Julie.Tieu@t-force in Irvine, California

Updated 66 months ago

BSEE Electronics Industry - 1 Reply

I have a BSEE and did really well in school. The market has been tough. I am working for a controls company right now. I was considering a masters to...

Julie.Tieu@t-force in Irvine, California

Updated 66 months ago

NEED AN EE JOB? - 2 Replies

Hey everyone, I see that a lot of people are looking for engineering jobs (electrical specifically). I would recommend looking into bigger...

Solution4Software in Russia

Updated 69 months ago


I did applied alot but all of those posts were looking experince...funny cause where can find that kind of experince while the companies are busy...

Solution4Software in Russia

Updated 69 months ago

I'm an Intools EE looking for work. - 6 Replies

I'm an experienced Intools Electrical Design Engineer looking for work in Denver Colorado. Please contact me at: http://www.electrical-designer-guid...

starfish5 in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Updated 70 months ago

What is an Electrical Engineer and what do they do? - 1 Reply

The things I read online are confusing and I'm not quite sure what an Electrical Engineer even dose. If you could, please explain.

Kris in Santa Clara, California

LTE engineer V.S Bios Test Engineer

I'm a recent graduate and I've received two job offers that I trying to choose between. My main concern is whether I can gain valuable knowledge...

Cs342 in Witney, United Kingdom

Building services electrical engineer

Hi, I have an interview next week for a graduate electrical engineering position within a consultancy. I am trying to prepare for it...what do you...

marty in Hayden, Idaho

Updated 74 months ago

BSEE Job Hunting - 6 Replies

I am back in the job market looking for a Electrical Engineering Job. I was working for a Japanese company for three years and came to find it was...

jho2 in Irvine

Getting new job in EE

I just graduated with a bachelors in electrical engineering in May 2012, but I chose to accept a job position as a service engineer to just start...

WBBulldogs in Barrigada, Guam

Updated 80 months ago

Should an experienced Avionics Technician with a new BSECE degree ask for more $ - 1 Reply

Hello, I have been working in working as an avionics technician for the past 13 years. 5 years as an RF countermeasures bench tech in the Marine...

Richard Bowden in Los Angeles, California

Updated 81 months ago

Recent Graduate in Ottawa - 2 Replies

I graduated from EE last summer, and I am trying to find a HW or SW design position in the telecom industry. Unfortunately I never had a co-op...

Richard Bowden in Los Angeles, California

Updated 81 months ago

Recent grad looking for a electrical engineering job or internship - 3 Replies

I'm from NJ and recently graduated from Drexel University with a BSEE, and I wanted to know of any available jobs or internship. In any states such...

Nikos in Athens, Greece

Updated 84 months ago

rf engineering resume - 1 Reply

Hi, I am a biomedical engineer with mechanical engineering background. I am applying for rf engineer positions. Can someone help me with my...

vijju in Kakinada, India

Updated 84 months ago

To be the best... - 2 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every electrical engineer must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your electrical...

neried in Philippines

Ampere Trip, Ampere Frame and kilo-ampee iterrupting capacity

How does Ampere Trip of Breaker be adjusted? What is the relation of its Ampere frame? Hoe does kAIC be related to Ampere Rating.

Ravi in Visakhapatnam, India

UPS and Inverter connection

Hi,everyone. All I wanted to know is whether I can connect inverter to the UPS of my computer to work during prolonged power cut. If so, will there...

ElectronicGeek in Great River, New York

Cool apps for engineers

Came across this article on the Electronic Products Magazine website this morning about apps designed for engineers and figured it'd be good to share...

Imran Sutar in Pune, India

Updated 88 months ago

electrical riddles-Power transformer with inferior core - 4 Replies

A power transformer manufacturer which was located in economical boycotted country met some problems in material provision. The core material and...

steve.lee@*****.*** in Sudbury, Ontario

Updated 89 months ago

Master of Eng or Cisco? - 1 Reply

I graduated on May with the degree of Electrical Engineering. I worked as co-op students as a software tester and outside plant engineering on my...

Susan in Westminster, Colorado

Updated 90 months ago

EE degree after 20 yrs - 3 Replies

I'm looking for some advice/opinions on work that I could get with a BS electrical engineering received in winter 1990. I worked for about 1 year...

sanju in Phoenix, Arizona

broadband networks vs. Embedded operating systems

hi all, i am a graduate student, i need to choose 1 subject from broadband networks:: which is somewhat theoretical and deals with Physics of...

niket in Oman

how to join electrical industry after 5 years of experience in telecommunication ???

Basically, I had done electrical engineering. But from last 5 years I am working in telecom industry but I am not feeling comfortable. I wish to join...

Mdruku in Sweden

For job

I'm 3rd year EE stduent. What are the subject reading for govt job?

jakewayd in Greenville, Michigan

BSEE Graduated With No Internships

I'm a BSEE 2008, Michigan State University, member of the Honors College, graduated with honors. However, I went straight through my degree taking...

EE_Rob in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 93 months ago

Can I get a entry level electrical engineer position with a Misdemeanor? - 2 Replies

Hi, I was convicted of a class A misdemeanor for animal neglect 1 in may 2010. I will be graduating from college in oregon with My electrical...

gary916 in Fair Oaks, California

EE Job Question...

Hi All, I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer in the Power Industry working in Transmission Planning. I have been interested in...

gary916 in Fair Oaks, California

Electrical Engineering Job Question

Hi All, I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer in the Power Industry working in Transmission Planning. I have been interested in...

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