Recent Graduate in Ottawa

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marcusn in Ottawa, Ontario

76 months ago

I graduated from EE last summer, and I am trying to find a HW or SW design position in the telecom industry. Unfortunately I never had a co-op position, so I have no work experience in my field. I have been applying for jobs onle, but I can't even seem to land interviews for the positions I apply for. Does anyone have any advice for an eager new graduate looking to start his career in Ottawa?


Mom of Grad in Montreal, Quebec

73 months ago

Young fellow, all I can tell you is to give up on the telecom industry. My son is the the same position as you-same degree.

I would start to look outside of Ottawa. Look at Toronto, look out west. Look at other industries. Keep yourself busy while you look.

I know it is hard but if it is any consolation, you are in good company.


Richard Bowden in Los Angeles, California

72 months ago

Hey Marcus, might you be interested in helping build innovations that have the potential to revolutionize the way that power is generated and used that IS TRULY GREEN in Nature?

Please let me know @:


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