Technician Rant

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Rightsiderex in Portland, Oregon

106 months ago

An auto dealership and service department needs to hire a few auto mechanics for their service bays. Instead of hiring skilled Auto mechanics, they only hire people with a bachelor degree in automotive engineering and for the oil change person, a bachelor degree in chemistry.

I would say this would be incredibly stupid; not only wasting a degreed professional’s talent but when the economy is better, that person will bolt for a professional position.

The thing is this is what I am seeing the electronic technician field; I just saw a job for a electronic technical who needs soldering and assembly skills and bachelors degree plus 3 years of experience. This makes me thing what HR is thinking. HR department could not tell a transistor from a resistor, nor apparently neither the difference between a tech and an engineer. There is another problem hiring engineers in tech position, he or she is doing a line job just to angle for an engineer position,. In addition, it usually takes one about six months to come to speed on a product. As soon as ether things get better or he or she figures out there is no advancement or stuck doing repetitive repair, this person will bolt, and the company need to start for square one. The gist is hire the right person for the job. If one look to design a product hire an experienced engineer but if one looking somebody to repair the equipment and perhaps some assembly, hire a tech. Hiring a engineering as a technician make enough sense as using an automotive engineer to work the oil change bay.


Robert Pike in Tualatin, Oregon

101 months ago

I am an ET with about 30 years experience. I have been unemployed sense May 2009. I have only been able to arrange two ET interviews in my job search sense then. I have started to look for assembly jobs. I have had more interviews from this but no job offers.


Cody in Regina, Saskatchewan

81 months ago

I'm sorry, but: both of you gentlemen are techs and you can barely spell your way through a sentence.

Rex: your reasoning is sound.
Robert: I'm sure you're very skilled.

But, as a potential employer, what am I supposed to do? Take a chance that you may be an idiot savant when it comes to electronics? That you somehow possess a technical level of reading comprehension yet lack the ability to write at a high school level?

I don't mean to be harsh at all. And I know, if anybody does read this, it will be a troll who will respond that I am being ridiculous about grammar. I'm not. It's not the only factor. But it's such an easy one to identify.

Anyway. yes. Try harder. Maybe I do come off a little harsh because I feel it is guys that are barely trying to get by who are making it tougher on the rest of us Electronic Techs who take pride and are prepared to work our way up.


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