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Mrs. McElveen in Sumter, South Carolina

event planning in SC

does anyone know of anyone looking for an event or wedding planner....i have over ten years of experience in the area and I am now looking to go into...

Crave26 Events in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 115 months ago

Event Planners - 1 Reply

I am looking for experienced planners and sales persons to do some networking for New England Events. NEE is a start-up event planning company in...

ssyrapp in San Jose, California

Corporate Events Planner in Silicon Valley For Hire

I have more than 10 years of corporate events planning experience both domestic and international. I have a Marketing degree and bi-lingual (Chinese...

MS Alemar in Silver Spring, Maryland

Questioning about Wedding/Event Planning

I am a recent college graduate who is highly interested in wedding/event planning (or consulting). I have gotten a lot of information on getting a...

jennyosa in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Updated 116 months ago

Looking to get started in event planning - 1 Reply

I have a great day job currently that is very steady, and I'm finishing up my second degree, but I have always dreamed of doing events. I think I...

Eventive in Bridgewater, New Jersey

Interested in a position as a Junior/ Assistant Event Planner

Hello! I am a 23 year old college graduate, currently working as an event coordinator for a large hotel brand. I have interned with an event...

tezra bryant in new york, New York


I am currently in the restaurant/catering industry & have over 15 years experience. I have done everything from serving to consulting. I'm largely...

Jkish59@*****.*** in Orange Park, Florida

Updated 116 months ago

Event Planning, Sales & Marketing Job - 1 Reply

I am currently looking for a part-time applicant who is interested in Event Planning. This applicant will develop strategies to promote and market...

Mauricio Orlando Medina Ramírez in Zacatecas, Mexico

Updated 116 months ago

Networking? - 2 Replies

I am currently in charge of the events associated with the employees for a large financial institution in San Diego. I've been doing it for 2 years...

nikki meier in Kearney, Nebraska

Updated 116 months ago

Event Planner Partner - 4 Replies

Hi,I'm looking for a partner in becoming Wedding/Event planner in Phoenix, AZ. I'm fairly new in the industry, and thought that it's good to work...

Jennifer in Lakeland, Florida

Wedding/Event Planner or Assistant Opportunity??

Hello, I recently moved to the Orlando/Tampa area(s) and am looking for either a job opportunity as a wedding/event planner or assistant or a...

Best Biddy in Whitby, Ontario

Updated 117 months ago

Getting my business off the ground - 8 Replies

Hi All, I could really do with some advice to do with my event planning business. I recently started my own event planning business but keep...

Lindsay in Greensboro, North Carolina

Looking to Intern or Part-Time as a Wedding Planner

I don't have experience planning weddings, but have been involved with running an annual convention at Guilford College for three years. The...

coco80elmo in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 117 months ago

Wedding Planner wanna be.. - 3 Replies

Hello, I'm at the point of my life where i'm so tired of working as a computer programmer. I'm tired of going to work just because of the money. I...

GFisher.SpecialOccasions@*****.*** in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Event Planner

I have worked in the hospitality industry for numerous years. I am very interested in pursuing a career in the event planning business. I have...

Virtual Raven in Midland, Texas

Updated 118 months ago

to busy busy event planners! - 1 Reply

If you love to do the wedding but hate finding potentials, locating vendors, scheduling tastings, networking for soon-to-be-brides, keeping your...

Natt22 in Chicago, Illinois

Wedding Assistant

Anybody interested in hiring an assistant/junior wedding planner in Chicago?

havy havy in Hanoi, Virgin Islands, British

Updated 118 months ago

actress/role player - 1 Reply

looking to find a way in the business. anyone have a idea how?

Victoria in Baytown, Texas

need an event to host

I want to get into this business and I need someone or group to give me a chance. I can put on an event to raise maoney for churches and what ever....

Caroline in Asheboro, North Carolina

Updated 118 months ago

wedding planning - 1 Reply

Hi. I am currently looking to change my career and have always been interested in wedding/event planning. I would like to get my cerificate, but...

Olga Batkhan in Towson, Maryland

Updated 118 months ago

Wedding planner/event planner - 2 Replies

Hello I just want to get more information about becoming a wedding planner/event planner. This is something that I have always wanted to do and now...

Nichole in Blacksburg, Virginia

Expanding company seeking advice on wedding consultant pay

I have been operating an event planning company successfully for 3 years and now need to hire additional consultants to handle the growing business. ...

SusieSue in Killeen, Texas

Looking For a Job with an Event Planning Company

My name is Susie and I am looking for a job with a Corporate events or wedding planners company in the Austin or San Antonio, Texas Area. Please...

Khay in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Event planner looking to get first job!!

Hello all! I'm a event planner looking to get my first gig. I would do it for free just to get my name out there. I have experience in planning my...

Jessica LUKESKI in Clearwater, Florida

Updated 118 months ago

Where to start - 3 Replies

I'm 18 and finished high school in '08. I'm very interested in becoming an event/wedding planner but I don't know what kind of classes i should take...


Looking for a reputable Company

I am looking for a reputable Event Planning company who is interested in hiring an experienced wedding planner. I have over five years experience and...

julianicole94 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Children's birthdays in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi there, parents! My name is Julia, and I'm fourteen years old. I love planning events, and I would be glad to give your son or daughter the best...

Posh Parties in Dallas, Texas

Updated 119 months ago

Girls Birthday or Sleepover Party! - 2 Replies

Hi! Do you have a little girl with big dreams? I can help make her next birthday or sleepover something she will never forget! I specialize in...

Todd Yell in St. Paul, Minnesota

Event Planning/Wedding Planning Job Opportunity in MN

Event Planning Job Opportunity in MN I am writing to explore any opportunities in the Event Planning Industry. I am open for possibility of a...

Allmotion in Apex, North Carolina

Updated 119 months ago

Unique ideas for Corporate Event Planners - Advice requested - 3 Replies

My company offers very unique corporate gifts.....and our customers love our stuff because it's different than the typical t-shirts, mugs, & hats. ...

Desirae H in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Event planning opportunities in the travel industry??

I recently saw an ad for an event planner for a travel company which is my DREAM job. The position has since been filled. Any suggestions for related...

Sylvia K in Washington, New Jersey

Looking for experience

Does anyone know of (or is a) event planing company that is currently hiring? I recently received my MBA in hospitality management and am taking...

bob in Parsippany, New Jersey

Wedding Planner Website

If you need a "Wedding Planner" website, check out our website samples specifically designed for wedding planners, photographers, models and video...

izzat in Parsippany, New Jersey

Updated 120 months ago

Getting started as a Wedding & Event Planner - 5 Replies

I am trying to get started in the wedding and event planning buisiness and I am having a hard time getting some official experience. I have of course...

Cheryl_ in San Angelo, Texas

Would anyone consider me to shadow then in Event/Wedding Planning. I need some experience to learn about the business

Im in college and I would like to become a Wedding Planner! I would love to shadow someone to learn the in and outs of the business. Im game for...

DSchoener in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 120 months ago

event planning break in - 5 Replies

I just got married and moved to Vegas. I am looking to get started in the event planning arena but don't know how to obtain a start out position. Any...

Mary P. in Erie, Pennsylvania

Updated 120 months ago

Just Getting Started - 1 Reply

hi, i just finished a course in wedding and event planning and am having a tough time getting started...I would LOVE to start my own business but...

dman5 in Sacramento, California

Updated 120 months ago

Wanted to switch careers....already! Accountant to Event Planning - 4 Replies

I graduated about 8 months ago from college with a business degree and an accounting concentration. It has been so hard to find a job as an entry...

Justin in Abington, Pennsylvania

Updated 120 months ago

Moving from weddings to corporate events - 2 Replies

Hi, I am an on site program and special events manager for a nonprofit with a event venue space. We book mostly weddings currently but would love to...

Deborah Wisterman in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 121 months ago

Starting out - 2 Replies

I am extremly interested in being a part of the event planning industry. I have looked into schools and found U.S. Career Institute. It will cost...

Stephanie in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 121 months ago

How to get a job in Events - 14 Replies

I have a bachelors degree in Event Management. However I cant get a job in the field. Im not sure how to really start. I have done some functions...

Chikadelux in Buffalo, New York

Updated 121 months ago

Event Planning - 2 Replies

I am currently trying to start my own event planning business. Is there any help that anyone who is successful in the business can give me. Any...

Lucy in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 121 months ago

wedding planning - 7 Replies

I just recently graduated to become a wedding planner. I am mostly interested in working underneath a firm before ever going out on my own. Or even...

LanAnh in Santee, California

Interview with Event Planner

Hi, I'm a high school student and I'm working on a assignment where I'm suppose to find a career and interview a person. I wonder if any would like...

Lori Newman in Whippany, New Jersey

Event Planning and Media Clients

My business is almost 100% in media related fields. They are among the industries hit the hardest in this recession. Meetings being cancelled (they...

Richars in Johannesburg, South Africa

against all odds

Hi. im event planner with 6years experience. im very determined&passionate in what i do. I LOVE DOING EVENTS& making d client happy. im disabled but...

Peter Lipsey in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 124 months ago

List Your Event Planning Services For Free - 1 Reply

Through the end of July, ProvideMeService.com is offering [B]free listings[/B] for any event planner listed on this forum. Just click...


Entertainment Company

I will obtain my Bachelor's in Business in the Spring & I really love the whole entertainment business, especially movies. I would love to work in...

brandi glover in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 124 months ago

Event Planner - 4 Replies

Hi, I'm looking at ways to get into the event planning area, just don't know how and where to start from. As far as attending classes and getting...

Mrlimo in Arlington, Texas

Great limousine websites

Hey if you are like me, promoting events can be a tough job. From time to time, I find myself struggling to find reliable transportation. While...

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