Event Planner

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Sunita in Troy, Michigan

130 months ago

I'm looking at ways to get into the event planning area, just don't know how and where to start from. As far as attending classes and getting certified. Can you give me some direction.


Michelle in Littleton, Colorado

129 months ago

This is such a deep question that reqires such a long, detailed answer, depending on your situation. It all depends on where you are in life - have you already attended school? If not, there are some schools that offer event planning degrees. If you've already finished college, then it's not worth going back - experience is much more important in this industry than schooling.

I recommend going to this website: www.careers-in-event-planning.com, and click on the "Career Planning" page. It helped to guide me in the right direction; also I started out by volunteering for local events, and that helps get experience (the website talks about that too).

It seems like a long process, but I've been in events now for three years and it is so worth it! There's no short cut to success, I guess!


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