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blooming56 in Houston, Texas

80 months ago

I am ready to registered myself for ''The Wedding Planning Institutes''in class course.It is once a week, 10 weeks class in local college here in Houston.A very successful local wedding planner is going to teach.There would be a class to arrange mock event/wedding would be the part of the course.This class would be all practical in class.
The only thing is making me to go for it is hands on in class.
Is there anyone out there has taken this class and advice better?
I don't want to do online because I am hands on believer as well as i would learn faster.I dont like wasting months and months and have a test online.
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
PLEASE advice.


jenniferdeluca in Vancouver, British Columbia

54 months ago

I havent taken a class with The Wedding Planning Institute, but I have heard a lot of very negative things from their students and I've seen quite a number of bad reviews from students who felt they wasted their money and the "training" was a joke (they referred to both online and in-class). The site is just one example where you will see a lot of negative reivews for them. I also met someone at an event planning meet-up in my area when I was looking for a course who gave me a lot of detailed info about that course (she was enrolled in it at the time and she said it was a waste of money) that persuaded me to look elsewhere for my course (which I did and ended up very happy). She showed me some of the course material, and I too would have been very dissatisfied if I had paid money for it. They put on a good show and try to look impressive, but it lacks substance from what I saw, and from what Ive head from others.

Also, here in another post on Indeed someone referred to there being info on epinions that shows the course is pretty low quality at a highly overpriced fee. Sorry I cant post links, Indeed doesnt allow links to be embedded into mssgs.

Having evaluated a lot of courses during my search, and having actually taken a couple different ones, I think the most important thing is to find a course that offers the right content that's really going to prepare and equip you, and not be concerned about whether its in a class or online. You can go to an in-person class on a college campus and come away learning a lot less that you would have in a properly developed course online. It all comes down to the right course content. Having taken a few different courses myself, I can tell you there can be a real difference between them, and most expensive is not necessarily better either!


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