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What is the best training for becoming a hirable executive administrative assistant? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective executive administrative assistant?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Linda in Somerville, New Jersey

118 months ago

I would start by becoming a member of the IAAP (Internation Association of Administrative Professionals). The website has information to ongoing training and certifications such as the CPA and the CAP. Secondly I would join your local IAAP Chapter which you can locate on the IAAP website.

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uberlurker1 in Everywhere

30 months ago

Sara in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania said: You can also go with TNAOAP (The Nationals Association of Administrative Professionals). Much like IAAP, they have memberships and certifications programs. This is the least costly of the 2 options for our field.

Brian in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania said: I started out getting a certification through tnaoap, then acquired my associates while working. Its a tough road to work full time and attend school but I know a lot of people who do it. Don't let the age factor get you down, it just takes time to gain experience.

**TNAOAP (and / is a scam.** They are not a legitimate credentialing organization, and all of the comments from "members" throughout the internet are planted by the company, and they don't go back any further than three months ago. Neither does their website, Facebook page, or Twitter page. For a company that claims to have been around since 1993, 2015 is pretty late to be gaining a web presence. When you eliminate hits from their own website, there are only about 1000 hits from google, and many of them are web analytics pages.

There are also (at least) three reddit users I've found so far that are very obviously posting the same sort of comments within reddit, and not-so-coincidentally, all three user accounts are less than a month old and the names are similar to the user names for the internet commenters that discuss this organization.

TNAOAP is not a US registered business or nonprofit despite being located in Pennsylvania. Please do not pay money to this BS "organization." I have personally seen their materials and taken their tests, and it is consistent with the shadiness I've discussed above.

Associated names: Brian Basehore, Cindy Carter, CindyHRRep, Sandi_Li, Sandi_Lil, MandiL623

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