Finding a job with decent compensation with an ethical organization

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Dee in San Diego, California

112 months ago

I have over 25 years experience encompassing executive assistant, office mgmt and regional sales administration. I have produced and published a book on corporate ethics, have won numerous awards for my work and going above and beyond, have great skills and due to yet another corporate downsize find myself out of work and desperately trying to keep afloat. Being from the East Coast, one of the major problems here in San Diego is that they expect the world from you and want you to work for nothing. How do you live in such an expensive town on a salary that might be feasible in a little town in Nebraska? The job market is tough everywhere but at some point I'm thinking I'll have no choice to move back home where there are jobs and they actually pay you what you're worth. It's insulting for someone with my background to be offered a job at $14 an hour for a job with a 100 different functions. It doesn't help that when you apply for a position the company probably gets so many resumes that yours may not even get looked at. I worked on a project a few years ago with regards to the SD Pension Committee and it sickened me to see the waste and the corruption of these people, giving themselves raises and letting employees go. When will corporate America ever realize it's the workers, the middle management, the assistants, etc. that make their business grow? Too much greed, just how many millions do these CEO's need to survive?


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