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How did you get your start doing executive housekeeper work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

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Kamila in Columbus, Ohio

127 months ago

I got start doing this job just by accident. I didn't know what I really want to di in my life. I used to work as a housekeeper for about two years in different hotels, than I quit and worked for dry cleaners, I started there as a presser, follow by Costumer Service and little of supervising. After over a year I got board and it was very small company so I couldn't grow up. I quit and was looking all kind of jobs, an d finaly I found an add for Asisstant Executive Houskeeper. I went for interview and got the job that I didn't know I would like. Every day I was learning and learning, and after one month my Executive Houskeeper just quit and I was offerd to get her possision. I had to figured how to oparate this department because my proper boss didn't give us enough time to teach me how to manage Housekeeping Department. And becouse I had education in Bussiness Managment I was able to catch how to run the department. And I did great and I love it. On every quality inspection I scorded 100%, it is not easy but it is possible. More days I work there more I like my job, and learn every day. It is very hard work and even bigger challange. I like and respect all my employees and we make perfect team. It easy to get that kind of job, but to keep it you have to work very very hard.

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117 months ago

I worked as a housekeeper in high school and college and worked my way into a "head housekeeper" position. I relocated in hopes of continuing my education and "finding myself" career-wise. I was thinking I'd become a counselor, but found myself working in a hotel again, this time an upscale hotel as a rooms inspector. Within three months I found myself in management due to company down-sizing, which worked to my benefit. It's a fast-paced job but can be so exciting at the end of the day because you know that you and your staff worked so hard to get the hotel in perfect condition for the guests. I ended up taking time away from the hotel industry but am missing it so badly now that I'm actively seeking employment again as an assistant or executive housekeeper.

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