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What are the top 3 traits or skills every executive housekeeper must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your executive housekeeper expertise?



127 months ago

To be an effective Executive Housekeeper:
1. The ability to multi-task and adjust your typical work schedule to benefit the department and/or the hotel. Your day may seem chaos-free but suddenly that can change on a dime and you find yourself up cleaning rooms or running to check rooms before a VIP guest checks in. That can be exciting though.

2 The ability to motivate a staff that can often feel unappreciated in an unexciting, often underpaid, and phyical job. Take time to celebrate even small successes--like no work related accidents in a month or no guest housekeeping-related complains in a month...Be sure to celebrate Housekeeping Week too (it's in September typically).

3. A distinct eye for detail. No matter the type of hotel/motel that you are working in, having a spotless and fresh smelling room/suite is key to the success of a housekeeping department and the entire business. Always inspect a room or public area as if you were the pickiest of guests. Get to their level--look at the room as if you were laying on the bed, sitting in a chair in the lobby, or even sitting on the toilet. Believe me, guests will find a mistake if there is one so be sure your eyes are wide open before the guest even checks in.


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