What are field marketing representatives?

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Hurf in Montreal, Quebec

147 months ago

What are they and what do they do?


DAVID T. MAESTAS in Bakersfield, California

74 months ago

Field marketing representatives are individuals that work outside the office and make marketing calls on prospective clientele; they also make calls on existing customers and clients, aka (turf building).
Turf building is done to enforce/strengthen and support existing loyal relationships. They represent the company to clients and see them on a regular basis; not out of sight, therefore not out of mind.

Marketing Representatives present tangible or non tangible products and/or services in the most attractive manner to prospects. Good marketing representatives also possess strong sales, closing skills, and listening skills. They use open ended probing questions to gather information, questions that promote the prospect to free associate with information they wouldn't normally divulge to the marketing representative. They are good closers.

Marketing Representatives use advanced marketing and sales techniques to cause a specific, positive effect in the purchase, commitment to purchase, use, agree to use or sign a contract or commit to sign a contract, Normally good marketing representatives will not leave a meeting without said commitments or a signed contract. Unfortunately even the best marketing reps don't always leave a meeting with a signed contract.

To break it down in the most simplistic description; marketing representatives are pre-sale company representatives. Marketing representative are normally salary plus commission compensated, set their own appointments and daily work schedule. That not only represent their company to clients and prospects but to the community at large.


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