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Updated 12 days ago

Career advice - 26 Replies

Recently completed my licensing (Series 7,66, & Life and Health producer) to become an FA with a firm. Starting my career in a week and was wondering...


Updated 4 months ago

Best places to start a financial planning career? - 187 Replies

I currently work for Northwestern, but I’m worried that I’ll become more of an “insurance agent,” just selling products rather than actual financial...

Lglovin22 in New York, New York

Updated 6 months ago

Cant Pass the NY Life and Health exam Study problems Focus problems and discipline problems..... Anyone else have these? - 124 Replies

As stated, Im trying to get certified for NYS Life health accident and insurance and work for Axa advisors, only problem is that I am taking too...

Dkaning in Bronx, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Are any firms salary + commission? - 202 Replies

Are any firms salary + commission? I for one don't have a large sum of money to live off of while I build my business, I also don't have the money to...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

Can I take the Series 66 (or 65 & 63) to help land a job? - 3 Replies

I really want to get into wealth management with UBS. I was thinking that perhaps passing the 66 even though it is useless without the 7 may help...

Finance Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

Career Path as a Financial Advisor - 11 Replies

I recently accepted an offer from Edward Jones for its Financial Advisor's position. I understand/expect that there will be lots of hard work put...

Finance Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

What are the best cities in the Southeast for developing a career as a financial advisor? - 4 Replies

I am transitioning into a career as a financial advisor. I am in my early 30s, single and geographically flexible. I speak Spanish and Portuguese,...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Updated 15 months ago

Series 7 and 6? - Anyone out there have a lot of licensing knowledge? - 15 Replies

Does anyone know if you can leave your Series 7 with the Firm you are appointed with and get a Series 6 with a Life Insurance company...rather than...

Josephgeorge in Manchester, United Kingdom

Personal Development Plan - Help Please

I am a graduate in Physics, with no current experience working in financial services. A job opportunity has come up to work with a financial adviser...

fquintana0629@*****.*** in North Miami Beach, Florida

Updated 22 months ago

is my series 7 license useless now? - 6 Replies

Hello everyone, I hope that somebody can answer my following question as i feel very miserable at this point. I was hired by a little financial...

Glen Shelton in Portland, Oregon

Updated 24 months ago

Edward jones script - 18 Replies

Can anyone post their script for going door to door for ed jones? Or post something they say when going door to door?

blaricchia in New Brunswick, New Jersey

looking for advise: career change

I am seriously thinking about a career change to a financial advisor. I have a sales background, so I know I can build a book of business from the...

Guy Finance in San Francisco, California

Series 7 online test prep - Pass guaranteed

I've seen a lot of threads here ask about study materials for the Series 7 - you should try They have a solid online study...

DeVille in Columbus, Indiana

Commission override

Long story short I have been an advisor for 5 years now and share an office with two other senior advisors. One of which has an override on my...

thortor in Huntington Beach, California

Sponsorship for 7 and got offer from another bank

Hi guys just want some advises on my current situation: I recently got sponsored for series 7 from a firm and I'm scheduled to take the test at the...

Curious in Canton, Michigan

Updated 47 months ago

Getting a financial advisor job. - 115 Replies

How did you get your start doing financial advisor work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

Bogoss83 in Washington, District of Columbia

Merrill Lynch FA

I just went through a great phone interview for a Financial Advisor position w/ Merrill Lynch, the interviewer was extremely happy. She immediately...

Placebo in Northridge, California

Updated 53 months ago

Financial Advising- Pros and cons - 15 Replies

I have recently been offered a position with Merrill in their 3 year training program. This is a complete career change for me and I am still...

Jack 2 in Arlington, Virginia

Updated 53 months ago

Starting Base Salary (Draw) For Financial Advisor - 43 Replies

I am interviewing with UBS and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and I would appreciate any advice on the salary ranges and commission split % during the...

NewFinancialPlanner in Denver, Colorado

Updated 58 months ago

Recruiting a junior partner - 3 Replies

Wondering what the best way to bring on a junior advisor with an opportunity to become a partner is. As a boutique financial planning firm, we need...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 59 months ago

Correlation Between the Age of FA and Success - 3 Replies

Hi all - Based on your experience, do you think there is a correlation in the age of the financial advisor and the success (all else being equal)?...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Series 66 versus 63+65 - 1 Reply

Has anyone taken the Series 63 and 65? How were the tests compared to the Series 66?

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Does series 3 + series 6 = series 7?? - 4 Replies

Hi everyone, I have my series 6 and life and health. I'm going to take my business in a more wholistic planning direction and so I was whether or...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Edward Jones Job Offer - Extreeme No Compete Though - 5 Replies

I have received a few different job offers. One is with a small company (1 man) and will give me about a 60-70% payout but I am on my own with no...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Looking young - Is it a problem for entry level financial advisors? - 5 Replies

In May I will graduate from college with a degree in Finance. I'm currently considering whether or not to pursue a career as a financial advisor....

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Should I get my series 6 or series 7? - 3 Replies

About to take my series 63 followed by my 65 and was wondering what I should do after that. I believe that I would eventually like to become an IAR....

FAMotivation in Chicago, Illinois

Motivation Research on Financial Advisors i

Dear Financial Advisors: I am a doctoral student in the business department at a Chicago University. I am cordially inviting you to volunteer your...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 61 months ago

Getting a job in Finance with a Restraining Order on my record - 1 Reply

I went to court and a final restraining order was issued against me (NJ). A few weeks later the plaintiff dismissed the order. Does this make it...

Jessica in Tampa, Florida

Advice on a possible career move (Supervision analyst to branch sales assistant)

I am a licensed Supervision analyst at a financial services firm, and my role entails reviewing and approving branch manager activity and ensuring...

Polly Sue in London, United Kingdom

Updated 65 months ago

Becoming A Stock Broker After 2 Year Sickness, Divorce and Bankruptcy... Can It Happen? - 5 Replies

If you have ever seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", I can honestly say that is me. I am a single dad who worked my butt off in the home...

SamL in Beverly Hills, California

Updated 65 months ago

Moving to a New City and becoming a Financial Advisor - Is it Possible? - 18 Replies

I'm considering a move from the east coast to southern California and beginning a career there as a financial advisor. I'd like to hear some...

Debbie in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 67 months ago

Starting a Money Services Business for the trade/exchange of bitcoin to Fiat currency - 3 Replies

I have some questions about Money Transfer Businesses and Series 7 licensing I am working for a company that is creating products around...

Banker anonymous in Anonymous, Missouri

Is there hope for me in the securities industry

I Obtained my series 7 license in late 2012 and was fired from a Bank/Broker a month later based either on false accusations or reasonable errors....

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 70 months ago

Question to all FAs - 5 Replies

A company is currently sponsoring me for my series 7 and 63 and all the expenses are out of my pocket. However, I do not plan on working for them, I...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Pennington, New Jersey

Updated 70 months ago

NEW SERIES 7 - 1 Reply

Hello, has anyone taken the revised Series 7 exam that went into effect 11/7?????

jj71787 in Brooklyn, New York

entry level

Hello everyone I just graduated with a degree in business economics. I'm looking everyday for a job but everything is commission only. Are there any...

Wealth Manager in Livermore, California

Updated 72 months ago

Thinking of taking position on and not sure of what to expect... - 2 Replies

Ok, So I graduated about 2 years ago from a good college but I now work at a large national bank as a personal banker; handling mostly new...

sdmatt151 in San Diego, California

Where can I apply my experience in Financial Planning that does not involve sales?

I have been in the financial industry for 7 years. I am a CFP® and I manage a book of business with an Independent RIA. I left the major wirehouse...

Big Mike in Alliance, Ohio

How to get a job as a trader/botique/bank/firm with no experience and find companies that are hiring

know this has been probably covered before, but I am From Ohio, United States, and I am interested in becoming a trader, AND HOW do i find companies...

Michael Weiss in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

Series 7 Preperation - 53 Replies

Hey guys, Just putting this out there: How many of you gentlemen had a tough time w/ the series 7? (failed once or more) I passed my LAH in...

NYC i-Banker in New York, New York

Earnings Metrics of being Financial Adviser: AUM, # accounts, % Flat fee, prospecting, marketing

So what are the metrics of being a FA that makes over $100K? I understand that the business is no longer cold-calling and pushing stocks...but,...

Series 7 Exam Tutor in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Updated 80 months ago

Series-7-Catch-22 - 2 Replies

I'm fresh out of college with 7 years experience in commission sales, mostly retail. So far, I've been rejected enough to require a drink (one...

JDP in San Diego, California

Employer & Licensing Background Check Bankruptcy, Criminal etc.

I am pursuing a career as a financial planner. My credit report shows a bankruptcy from 7 years ago. Does this make me ineligible for employment...

bobbymomomo in Denver, Colorado

Updated 80 months ago

Is there a good CFP review? - 1 Reply

I considered taking the Zahn review, but their pass rates aren’t much better than the national average on the CFP exam. When I called them, they...

bobbymomomo in Denver, Colorado

Updated 80 months ago

CFP review courses - 14 Replies

I'm taking the CFP exam in July. Can anyone recommend, or 'not' recommend a 'live' review course. I'm willing to travel - but would prefer something...

Donald Ray Hicks in Shelby, North Carolina

Principal Financial Group? Financial Advisor?

i was wondering if anyone has any specifics on this job? is it good? bad? whats the starting salary? do they only push insurance? Any info would be...

rossc2 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Engineer to Financial Advisor at Ameriprise?

I am an engineer and pursuing my MBA (to graduate next year). I have a strong desire to work in the finance industry, specifically as a financial...

Stacey in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 83 months ago

What should my first step be to career change into financial services? - 1 Reply

I am actively seeking a career change into the Financial Services industry, preferably in the capacity of a financial or investment advisor. A...

Researching in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 84 months ago

commercial vs credit union - 1 Reply

I've been offered two jobs. Both are as a financial advisor position. One is with one of the nations largest commercial banks. The other with a large...

Researching in Columbia, South Carolina

Credit Unions

Anyone have experience as a financial advisor at a Credit Union? What kind of salary, and total earnings can be expected?

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