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2019 Delta Flight Attendant Prospects and Hopefuls - 1734 Replies

I applied Aug 21. I have completed all up to TA "Takent Card" if I am accepted an going to next step it would be the Live Video interview,then on to...


Updated 1 hour ago

Frontier Flight Attendants - 3242 Replies

Hello all.... I'm scheduled for the December 7th F2F also, but haven't received my flight details as of yet... They told me I would receive it...


Updated 4 hours ago

Am I too old to be a Flight Attendant career? I am 50 years of age - 33 Replies

Good morning Judy, Thank you so much.


Updated 10 hours ago

American airlines flight attendant hiring 2018/2019 - 115 Replies

[QUOTE who="CatserInTheRye in Dallas, Texas"]Hello! Hello! Hello! I'm so excited for everyone in this forum looking to join the long, proud legacy of...


Updated 20 hours ago

Endeavor Airlines - 1476 Replies

Hello Does anyone know the number or email to reach someone for Recruiting? I have been on vacation and unable to access my email and I missed the...


Updated 1 day ago

2018 Delta Flight Attendant Prospects - 2785 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jenn in Chicago, Illinois"]same, did delta reschedule with you? if so how long did it take for them to get back to you thanks so...


Updated 1 day ago

SKYWEST - 12762 Replies

You should really wait until you get your packet. Why trust what someone else uploaded? Y'all are really over thinking things. Half that stuff you...


Updated 2 days ago

2018 United Airlines Flight Attendant Position - 1034 Replies

So apparently United has sent me an email in October to complete my application to move forward for the position and I did not find it until now :(...


Updated 2 days ago


[QUOTE who="Love2fly88 in Los Angeles, California"]Thank you! That’s making me feel a little better haha. Mine was in June so hopefully mines coming...

Fly potential

Updated 2 days ago

Would like to hear from mothers who are flight attendants. - 216 Replies

I am so very torn at this point. I have three small children, and am currently the one working full time for $14/hr in the hospitality industry. My...

Jasmine Luau

Updated 3 days ago

What's the best place to buy non-rev benefits? - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="EmergencyMed Doc in Breckenridge, Colorado"]Hello there, my fiancé and I have both had non-rev benefits on United and American for the...


Updated 3 days ago

jetBlue hiring FA’s July 2018 - 17 Replies

Hey anyone that has recieved their CJO and completed info w GIS receive a class date yet? I’m duper anxious lol


Updated 4 days ago

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates 2016. - 1305 Replies

Can anyone tell me if they are in the same status, I applied 02/05/18 and my status is just saying application received instead of under review, I...


Updated 5 days ago

American Airlines flight attendant 2018. - 133 Replies

Hello! I completed my video interview and havent heard a peep - my application still says "in progress." I emailed the talent advisor at AA and he...


Updated 5 days ago


[QUOTE who="plutoswings in Houston, Texas"]I believe all applications/video interview posted before closing the Job listing will be reviewed by the...


Updated 7 days ago

Mesa Airlines - 8112 Replies

Are there NO interviews in person at Mesa?? Is EVERYTHING a Video?


Updated 7 days ago

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Info! - 2184 Replies

Are there any forums for the Delta Customer experience specialist positions? I've been trying to start a new thread, but have been having...


Updated 7 days ago

Allegiant - 8348 Replies

Have my F2f in Knoxville in ONE WEEK. Any tips?


Updated 8 days ago

Flight attendant interview- ADVICE PLEASE- boyfriend doesn't want me to go to interview - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="ASFA1234 in Gig Harbor, Washington"]This job is really hard on relationships. I've been flying for a long time and the...


Updated 10 days ago

JetBlue 2017/2018 - 627 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mark"]How is the face interview. Do you mind sharing some tips on what to expect? Thank you and I hope you receive your CJO. Best...


Updated 10 days ago

Spirit Airlines... - 12081 Replies

[QUOTE who="Liz86 in Sanford, Florida"]I did the assessment and got a response in 48 hours with an invitation for the FLL base.[/QUOTE] Congratulat...


Updated 10 days ago

Failed pre employment drug scrern - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="takeflight_323 in Georgia"]I received a CJO for a flight attendant position. I used marijuana prior to this but quit immediately after...


Updated 10 days ago

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014 - 2484 Replies

Did anyone have an interview for the Seasonal position in Halifax November 2018? I had my interview yesterday the 7th, I found it went well and all...


Updated 11 days ago


How is the delta flight attendant process? How they know if you have tattoos? I have tattoos but none is on my hands, face, neck. I can cover it with...


2019 Southwest Flight Attendant Prospects and Hopefuls

Earlier this year I applied for the Bilingual Flight Attendant role and the process has been the following: 07/30 - Application Submitted 10/15 -...


Updated 13 days ago

air wisconsin trainging school - 2312 Replies

Do they pay for your hotel during training? Do they fly you out to training school or you have to pay all that yourself?


Updated 13 days ago

Archived/Under Review Delta - 116 Replies

[QUOTE who="JJ1234 in Garfield, New Jersey"]Same boat as you. Good luck! Hoping we get that f2f invite soon[/QUOTE] Yes!! Or to see more info...

Bart Simpson

Updated 14 days ago


[QUOTE who="Savy_Traveler in Phoenix, Arizona"]Hello! Found this forum here and would like to know how soon after live video interview can I expect...


Updated 14 days ago

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview - 1154 Replies

Hi all..I have a phone interview tmrw..what can I expect? How long is it?


Updated 15 days ago

Flyswoop flight attendant recruitment - 910 Replies

Thank you very much. These airlines need to hire more Hr to hire us :(


Updated 16 days ago

18/19 year old looking for Flight Attendant positions - 46 Replies

[QUOTE who="anneliese_72 in Ridgeway, Virginia"]Hello! I'm a senior and high school and would love to be a flight attendant when I graduate. I am...


Updated 16 days ago


[QUOTE who="omarlyn rodriguez in West Babylon, New York"]Is anyone going to the interview november 7th for skywest airlines. i would love to know the...


Updated 17 days ago

wanted to purchase buddy pass - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="BuddyPasses in Houston, Texas"]If still wanting some buddy passes to help out with open houses, feel free to leave contact number/email....


Updated 19 days ago

Delta Flight Attendant F2F Interview (DETAILS?) - 29 Replies

Does anyone know if the tests during training are open-book tests?


Updated 19 days ago

Delta F/A Italian LOD - again - 56 Replies

[QUOTE who="L'italienne.aux.Etats.Unis in Wilmington, North Carolina"]Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I'm a native Italian speaker, but I also have...


Updated 20 days ago

background check - 24 Replies

What did you find out. I’m in the process of retaining my attorney. Were you successful in getting the attorney.


Updated 21 days ago

PSA airline - 2528 Replies

Hi everyone! Is anyone doing the training that starts November 26?


Updated 23 days ago

FAA CHRC - 111 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mai mai in Seattle, Washington"]A couple of months ago I was charged with DUI. At the moment it is still in processing. I have made it...

Hot Babe & Beautiful

Updated 26 days ago

United Airlines Spring/Summer 2018 classes (2017 interviews) - 2113 Replies

[QUOTE who="On1yTheTruthHere in Sydney, Australia"]Has anyone seen Hot Babe and Beautiful. She's fierce. LOL.[/QUOTE] Hi.. I'm here. I'm pregnant...

Reem Yousif

Updated 27 days ago

United Flight Attendant Drug Test? - 1 Reply

While it seems like your preliminary tests point to another negative result, the question is not whether you should withdraw your application, but...


Updated 28 days ago

Flight Attendant Training Tips/Advice (for newbies) - 20 Replies

I would like to know if the testing at American and Delta are open-book tests. Thank you

StuckInARut 007

What does the recruiter mean?

what does it mean when a recruiter says that they received positive feedback from a potential offer and want me to “hold tight” “they are still...

SRW 1954

Updated 1 month ago

Silver Airways - 1052 Replies

This the worst airline in the world you could work . I left and I now fly for a good airline with union contract . I was in one of the first classes...


Updated 1 month ago

Background Checks - 7 Replies

What if my record is expunged?


Updated 1 month ago

Do you need a Crash Pad ?? - 17 Replies

I have a room for rent near ORD. About a 15 min walk to blue line or bus nearby also. Lovely furnished room and private bath. Great neighborhood. ...


Updated 1 month ago

DELTA Flight Attendant Video interview - 87 Replies

[QUOTE who="Vanessa in Orlando, Florida"]It's the weirdest thing! I haven't gotten the email from HireVue. I am obsessively checking spam and junk...


Updated 1 month ago

Flight attendant eye test question!!! - 5 Replies

What is the eye test? Do they cover each eye separately to do it or do you just look at chart with both eyes?


Updated 1 month ago

Becoming a flight attendant - 1 Reply

I fly for Delta and I've never heard of anyone being tested for HIV when applying to be a flight attendant. Of course different airlines have...


Updated 1 month ago

why so hard to becomes a fligth attendant - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="aa-us in Honolulu, Hawaii"]Florencia, Giving someone false hope helps no one. I have been with my airline for almost 3 decades and...


Spirit Assessment

I applied for a flight attendant position at Spirit on 10/3 and completed the talent assessment. i'm not sure of my results but will I be notified of...

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