What do you have to major in to be a health educator?

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wannabehealtheducator in Memphis, Tennessee

121 months ago

I want to become a health educator. Do I have to major in Health and Physical Education or Health and Wellness. The college I attend only offer Health and PE would that be a start?


CHES in Mason City, Illinois

120 months ago

Community Health educators would need to major in health/wellness, health promotion, public health, etc. School health educators would need to major in school health such as the health and PE. Hope that helps.


Michael Edwards in Patrick Afb, Florida

117 months ago

You can either get a BS or a Masters in Health Education or Health Promotion. Public health is a 2nd choice. Nursing might be a 3rd or 4th choice, but their training is curative, not preventative.


Neil80 in Miami, Florida

69 months ago

Health education is one of the five main subject areas of Public Health. There are graduate programs that offer an MPH degree with concentration in health education/promotion. It's common for nurses to take on this role, however it's possible with an MPH. There's some good info here www.exercise-science-guide.com/degrees/public-health-and-health-administration/ on the different public health areas you can go into.


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