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NEETU in West Covina, California

Updated 24 months ago

Help with Informatica production support interview preparation. - 1 Reply

Hi All, I am into Informatica L1/L2 support. More towards the disaster & recovery planning side. I have a job interview coming up for Informatica...

infok in Chennai, India

Updated 44 months ago

Database error while running workflow - 6 Replies

Hi Iam running a seesion.Iam unable to run Workflow.When i run Debug it shows me the data loaded into target. It shows me the following Error...

Sridhar Lakshmipathy in Chennai, India

Combining data of two similar flat files

Can anybody tell me How to join two flat files so that the data from two of the comes to oracle target... all source and target have same...

jdsony in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

flat file

Hello folks can anyone walk me through the steps a developer needs to take once a flat file is delivered from a Mainframes System to the...


Updated 90 months ago

Informatica interview questions - 2 Replies

If a flat file is given as source to a mapping and the target data has to be distinct rows, how do we achieve this in informatica mappings?

swetha in West Des Moines, Iowa

db connection

Hi I am learning Informatica currently. Can anyone help me how can i know the target db connection,to run db on that particular db? Or anyone can...

Sankar in Singapore, Singapore

Updated 95 months ago

Abinitio - Informatica - 2 Replies

How easy is it to switch from Ab intio to Informatica in terms of learning and getting productive with the tool. I am very experienced in Ab...

alex23 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 104 months ago

informatica advice - 2 Replies

Hi I would like to pursue a career in Informatica. How are the offers for informatica positions in US? Is the competition immense? Are the...

Anil in Overland Park, Kansas

Updated 107 months ago

Which is faster in informatica? Flat file to database or database to database - 4 Replies

Which load is faster in informatica? loading data from flat file to oracle schema. Or oracle table to another oracle table.

Diksha Chopra in San Jose, California

SAP BI and Informatica integration

Hi all, I am assigned at the new project which deals with integrating SAP BI and Informatica so that we can extract data from informatica. I have...

noelb1576 in Turlock, California

Informatica/Data Warehousing

I would like to know the purpose of creating a centralized data warehouse to store information from throughout the organization in order to improve...

Vishnuvardhan in Madras, India

Informatica Excel output

I want to get license for using excel file as an output. can anyone help me?

babuswift in Madras, India

Updated 113 months ago

Informatica handling multiple result sets from Stored Procedure - 2 Replies

Hello, This is regarding Informatica handling result sets returned from stored procedure. I am developing a cobol-db2 stored procedure which...

Mallikarjun in New Delhi, India

Updated 114 months ago

Flat files - 1 Reply

There are two different tables from two different SQL server database in my source and I need to populate the updated records in the target. My...

AA in Alpharetta, Georgia

Updated 116 months ago

Insert update and delete on Target - 1 Reply

I have a source and target and I need to update insert and delete the target based on the source. For this I made a mapping with Dynamic lookup and...

Kah Chong Lai in Singapore, Singapore

Versioning in Informatica 8.6

Currently we are using Informatica 8.6 in the production environment but we did not implement or enable versioning in Informatica. 1) If I will to...

raja in Chennai, India

Updated 116 months ago

FTP connection type - ascii - 2 Replies

Hi, The FTP connections in Informatica defaults to binarry mode transfer. Is there any way we can do an ascii mode transfer using informatica FTP...

veerareddy in Mountain View, California

How to handle columns from flatfile as a data

I am

SQL Lion in Hyderabad, India

Updated 119 months ago

Lookup transformation - 3 Replies

How to reject records which are not found in the lookup table? Currently it is inserting NULL values

vasu in Bangalore, India

Can we able to load the data in two different Environments in Informatica

Hi Guys, I need one help from you.. Could you please tell me whether we can load the data into target table in this way. Let me explain my...

kumar in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 121 months ago

Handling Rejected rows to Exception table(created through designer) - 4 Replies

Hi, How can we handle or load the rejected rows to exception table. In the Task,i have filtered the rows in SQ & used Exp,next joiner,Exp &...

swaminathan in Bombay, India

ETL Developers with Informatica experience

For a six months project in a Bank in Istanbul/Turkey, we are looking for developers with ETL, Informatica PowerCenter, Datawarehouse...

Jeffrey Shoaf in King, North Carolina

Updated 121 months ago

Dynamically change the source and target - 2 Replies

the scenario is: I have an input file to be uploaded in a database. I make the mappings and do it. Now if the fields in input file change i dont...

Prasad in Independence, Ohio

Updated 122 months ago

How to load the data again in target which failed earlier - 1 Reply

Records are loaded from table A to table B. while this jobs running some of records fail and go to table C. Now before this jobs run again, i have...

nagesh_connect in Bombay, India

Updated 123 months ago

Informatica - 3 Replies

I am loading data from flat file to table,where I am seeing a special char as box in a column,so how can I skip that when reading from line. it...

Majid Khan in Madras, India

Updated 125 months ago

Informatica 8: Connect to the server problem - 3 Replies

Hi, I copied a repository from the production environment to the integration environment. All my workflows are valid on the integration...

rajfrmchennai in Chennai, India

Need help on setting up the target properties

Could any one help me with an example how the data operations can be done such as insert, update as update, update as insert, insert else...

naga in Framingham, Massachusetts

Updated 128 months ago

Using DB Sequence in Informatica mapping - 3 Replies

How can I get Sequence number from a db sequence in informatica mapping? Regards, Chetty

Rajeshkumar in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 128 months ago

What is Mapplets?. Repository Objects that are not supported in Mapplets Why? - 1 Reply

What is Mapplets?. Repository Objects that are not supported in Mapplets Why?

Rajeshkumar in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 128 months ago

how to generate date for five years in informatica8 - 1 Reply

i need a mappping which does not have a source but the date for five years is to be automatically generated.and dis has to be done in informatica...

IntegrationHelp in Littleton, Colorado

Informatica Answers

If you can't resolve an issue try

Mahesh in Bangalore, India

Updated 131 months ago

Interview Preparation - 5 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming informatica developer interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

krishna pavan kumar boppana in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Maintained views in Data Warehouse.

Please can anybody knnow about the Views.and Which situation they use views like materilaized views

Nandhini in Fords, New Jersey

Updated 132 months ago

transposed file extraction - 2 Replies

Hi , I have a transposed file which reads like first name1 ph 1 address1 first name2 ph2 address2 firstname3 ph3 address3 e tc I...

Nandhini in Fords, New Jersey

Updated 132 months ago

Creating a error log file - 2 Replies

Hi, Im new in the Informatica environment. But my task is to create a error log file. I want the mapping to write to a error logfile not try to save...

Moin in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 132 months ago

Character $ to handle - 1 Reply

Hi all, I have to concatenate 2 ports of string datatype, and one port value contains a '$' character. So my problem is that from the position of...

Jay in Moline, Illinois

Updated 134 months ago

Can 2 versions of informatica , say Informatica 7 .x.x and informatica 8 be installed in the same server? - 1 Reply

Can 2 versions of informatica , say Informatica 7 .x.x and informatica 8 be installed in the same server? If yes, wat is the impact or consequence if...

Bruce Mitchell in Sydney, Australia

In Power center command task sort command not working

sort -k1.32,1.39 -k1.9,1.16 -k1.40,1.41 $PMTargetFileDir/PRODUCT_TARIFF_USG_INFO.DAT > $PMTargetFileDir/PRODUCT_TARIFF_USG_INFO_SORT.DAT I am...

bssa in Ede, Netherlands


no you can understand my problem it is SCD-TYPE2/TIMESTAMP PLz GIVE ME SOLUTIONS OK SOURCE mobile number(varchar2)...

Anubar in Cleveland, Ohio


Has anyone used 1stpOint's infpoint product for Informatica before? They are using it here and it seems to solve alot of issues in migrating code...

sree in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 136 months ago

8. when the mapping of the variable executed in informatica the variable is taken as……… - 1 Reply

8. when the mapping of the variable executed in informatica the variable is taken as………options are integer data...

kannan in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 136 months ago

session speed - 1 Reply

can any one tell me how to develop the session speed.

bhaskar in London, United Kingdom

Updated 136 months ago

writing 2 target recs for each source rec - 1 Reply

I am new to Informatica and need to know how to write 2 records to my target for each source record. Some of the fields will be different for the 2...

renu in Plainsboro, New Jersey

interface technical consultant

HI, Can anybody have an idea what Informatica/interface technical consultant means. I got one requiement with the job title Informatica/interface...

priya in Hackensack, New Jersey

Updated 137 months ago

About Repository starting problem - 1 Reply

Hi, Am working with informatica7.1.1 and sql server. while am starting the repository it throws an error msg(unable to stating the repository). can...

priya in Hackensack, New Jersey

Updated 137 months ago

Need help on a mapping - 1 Reply

Hi All, I am a Informatica learner. I was working on SQL Server DTS and SSIS ETL Tools before. I was thinking about a scenario: Say we...

priya in Hackensack, New Jersey

How can we make use of Packages in Informatica

Can anybody tell me how can we use Packages in informaatica? Thanks in advance Priya

priya in Hackensack, New Jersey

Updated 137 months ago

Date Formatting in Informatica - 2 Replies

I am trying to do the following in the Expression Transformation but the results are surprising. GET_DATE_PART(Conversion_date,"MM") - This gives...

Sergio in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reporting Errors/Success

Hello everybody! This is my first time here. I am having this problem with Informatica and I hope you can help me, thanks. I am supposed to...

Asaf in Nehalim, Israel

Workflow ignores assigned value

Hello, The workflow variable $$YEAR_NR is assigned prior the session which queries a relational DB as "select * from tbl where YEAR_NR>=$$YEAR_NR". ...

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