Can we able to load the data in two different Environments in Informatica

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vasu in Bangalore, India

111 months ago

Hi Guys,

I need one help from you..

Could you please tell me whether we can load the data into
target table in this way. Let me explain my scenario..

We have installed Informatica( client software) in Prod
Environment. In order to check the performance. .
We have to extract the huge file from Dev Unix box and do
necessary mapping and load into the Dev Database. After that
with DB link I need to load the data from Dev DB to Prod DB.
Dev & Prod Environments are installed in two different servers.
Right now we don't have any test/Dev environments. Informatica
is not installed in Dev/Test servers.
There are separate VPN ID's for Dev & Prod. In order to connect
to Prod, first we need to connect to VPN (hope u know this)

Here is my question ..Can we able to load the data form Prod
Environment( Informatica Installed) to Dev DB?



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