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Jonathan in Elgin, Oklahoma

48 months ago

Hi all,
I graduated with my bachelors degree in Instructional Design back in May of 2014. I have applied for over 1200 jobs in the field of instructional design. But companies scream at me that I need more experience or a masters degree. First off, where can I get experience in this field if top companies won't give it to me and number 2 I feel like I wasted 6 years of my life getting this degree when they won't hire me! Please give me advice. Thanks!


xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

48 months ago

Jobs in anything are hard to find.
Many fields are full.
Most things are saturated with too many educated people and not enough job openings.
Keep trying...


Angie in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

47 months ago

Jonathan I am in the same boat I have a degree for ID with no experience so what I have done is to join the ATD. It is a national organization and I am sure if you look it up for your state or major city you can join for cheap since you are new to the field.

The purpose for joining the ATD is so that you can network with other ID people. They can give you tips on how to best get into the field and also help you to grow your network on LinkedIn.

Good luck!!


HokieMaverick in Woodbridge, Virginia

42 months ago

Hearing your story, Jonathan, I feel bad because I came into ID from teaching for a number of years. I joined the National Guard, got a security clearance, posted my resume on a website for those with clearances and was recruited into ID or ISD. So, if you have a security clearance you might have a better chance. Joint the National Guard or Reserves if you can to get a clearance. The ISD field in small for contractors. The pay is better and there's work to be found!


Ben Piscopo in Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 months ago

Like any job in the creative industry, you'll need something to prove your competencies besides a degree. Consider creating more samples (elearning or ILT) on your own and post them to a free blog site like Wordpress. Use a 30-day demo of Captivate or Articulate to build and publish it.

You could ask a family member or friend whether their company/org needs a training program that you could develop. You may find this experience itself opens doors for you.

Keep your resume or linkedin profile updated with the keywords that describe your skills. And try to create a string of experiences over time that shows you have x number of years doing this work. That's really important to prospective employers.

Good luck!


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