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Jonathon Pawlowski in Alamogordo, New Mexico

66 months ago

I currently have a B.A. in Instructional Design and am currently working for a Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology. I have enjoyed the knowledge gained up to this point. Recently I found that I have an opportunity to pursue another degree after the Masters and I am struggling to determine what would best compliment these degrees. My going in thoughts are to pursue an second masters (MBA) or move on to a Ed. E. (I am open to others). However, I am struggling to find the next step in the process. What I am asking here is recommendations for the strongest degree for the job market that works alongside the degrees.

Thanks for your help,



Ben Piscopo in Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 months ago

Sorry if this is coming a bit late, but I'd say you should dive right in after your master's degree. In fact, diving into an ID project after your BA would have been fine too.

Employers are looking for experience. So, since you've been a student for so long you might as well create a portfolio of your projects and post them to a free blog.


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