By what titles are entry-level instructional design and/or technology jobs advertised (in the United States)?

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philvollman in Fairfax, Virginia

52 months ago

Hi, this is probably a redundant question, but...I'm really bad at searching forums. >.<

I'm an undergrad who'll be going into Virginia Tech's instructional technology MA program. I'll graduate with a small amount of direct experience and a portfolio, but won't have more than 6 months or a year of said experience.

My question, as stated above, concerns the titles used to advertise entry-level positions in instructional design, instructional technology, or requiring either skillset.



Ben Piscopo in Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 months ago

Hi Phil,
I don't think you actually posted a question... so, I'll just try to respond. Some job ads will state "entry-level" to show they are looking for exactly that. It's what you would expect.

However, different titles like "instructional design" or "instructional technologist" or "training specialist" can mean many different things. I'd say you should expand the number of job titles you search for in order to get better results. Even if the ad says "training specialist" but you are more interested in elearning, you might find the job description to be heavy on things like captivate or articulate.

So, try a bunch of things and you can always negotiate another title later if you can prove the industry calls it something different. I hope that answers your "question."

Good luck!


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