Joining the Reserves

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Hugo in Ronkonkoma, New York

101 months ago

I understand that I NEED the TS clearance to even get my foot in the door in the intelligence world.

I am going to be working on a Masters Degree in History with a concentration in East Asia. I would think this combined with a speaking ability in Korean would make me an appealing candidate for the 3 letter agencies.

However, to get this clearance, I should join the Reserves of Guard right? If I have some formal training in analysis and specialized knowledge in Asia and a working knowledge in a critical language, I'm a golden candidate for the CIA right?

Or is it harder then I think it is to get one of these jobs?


Bill in Manassas, Virginia

101 months ago

To be honest, almost all that apply to the CIA have Master degrees and graduate from top 5 university programs.

Your chance is slim. I hold try private companies if I was you.


Adam in Ashburn, Virginia

101 months ago


I will have to politely disagree with Bill. The majority who work at CIA have bachelors degrees. Many, however, in the Directorate of Intelligence have Master's degrees. I know very few who went to the top five schools, namely because they can make more money elsewhere. Your Korean skills would be quite coveted; it's not necessarily about being a superman candidate but rather having good timing and making sure your resume has the right keywords that HR types in when searching resumes.

To be quite honest, those willing to wait around and deal with the BS that goes along with working at CIA, NSA, DIA etc.. such as the polygraph harassment and asking permission to leave the country or date a Mexican, tend to be unexceptional. If they didn't drag their feet so long, and hired faster this would help curtail the issue.

Also, you don't need the Guard or any of that. You need a clearance to work there as a contract employee, but for staff employment just apply and they will process you for the clearance.


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