Internal audit issues

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Dave in Doha, Qatar

135 months ago

How should one deal with senior business leaders putting obstructions in your internal auditing work; undermining internal audit contribution; expressing anger/frustration if an issue is discussed with audit committee and they are updated on the same to comply! Only experienced readers reply please. Tks


Ahmed Majeed in Toronto, Ontario

134 months ago


I believe in working on "NO SURPRISES" basis, i.e. I take the auditee management with me along the course of the testing and any and all exceptions found are discussed with the individual and auditee management before it becomes part of the final report to AC. My recommendation, give the executing management significant importance while performing your procedures, of course no one can stop you from performing whatever and whenever and wherever you need to do but if you give the people of that region some extra importance which they are used to take for granted, life will be easier for you


Experienced Auditor

105 months ago

The prior response to your question is text book. Actually, a lot of people in an organization can affect your audit by placing obstructions in your way and controlling what you look at, how you look at it, and when you look at it. It all depends on the organization. It doesn't matter what the IIA Standards or Audit Charters say. In reality, many audit committee chairs are selected by the CEO who is often chairman of the board. So, understanding the politics will take you a long way in first, keeping your job, and second, getting your job done with minimal disruption to the auditee and your ego.

When you are auditing, always be aware of who you are (an auditor) and how you are perceived. You can't change it but you can try be empathetic to the people you are auditing. Do this, and you will gain their respect and trust. Even if they don't like the results of the audit, they will respect you as a person and professional and will treat you with accordingly.


cpsmk in Sierra Leone

81 months ago

My name is Salieu Musa Kalokoh, Internal Auditor of the West African Examinations Council, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa. I would like to join the discussion on issues pertinent to our internal auditing work, in other for us to enhance our capacity, skills, and proficiency in executing our functions as auditors.


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