Anyone taken the California nclex-pn by using your RN courses from another state?

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former RN student in Urbana, Illinois

98 months ago

Hi guys,

I need some advice. Here is my situation:

I started off at a bachelor's program in Illinois and transferred out to an associate's program (sigh) because of personal reasons and lost some credits in the transfer but all in all have completed all of the prerequisites and all of the first-year core Nursing courses plus Med-Surg 2, but not OB or PEDS (but I have taken Gerontology and Mental Health).

I would like to challenge California's LVN boards (the NCLEX-PN) by showing them my formal education training. Method 3 allows the substitution of a Pharmacology course or the equivalent in formal RN education (the website does state that education can be submitted although most of the written information is on the 51-months of work experience).

My question is this: Has anyone out there know exactly what the formal education requirements are to sit from the LVN exam in California by using your core Nursing courses as equivalency? The board says this can be done but doesn't specify exactly what the courses or number of credits required are. I think I may be able to do this because I have completed all of the first-year courses and even the MedSurg2 and Mental Health and Gerontology, but not OB / Peds or the last Medsurg3 and Community Health courses.

I called the California board and the woman gave me information that I didn't really know how to assimilate; she said you need 1552 theory "hours" 598 clinical hours and 954 lab hours, and something like 54 hours for a Pharmacology class. What exactly does this mean? My school works on credit hours, and each course is approximately between 3 and 5 credit hours each. I don't know what the conversion factor is. There must be one because by the system I'm working with there's no way you could accumulate sound high hour numbers.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I really need to take this exam and am open to the idea of going to other states to do it...THANKS!


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