Misdemeanor charges

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margoharris in Nashville, Tennessee

115 months ago

I have been a liscensed nurse for 16 years. I am a kind compassionate and caring person. Unfortunately abuse,on many levels led me to drug s and alcohol.I have overcome these entrapments,however the abuse was still a part of other family members. We were ordered to get therapy but they refuse. I have had three different incidences in past 2 1/2 years. The first time I fought back physically was in Jan. 2007. I knew if I did not I would die. There have been two more incidences. One iin July of 2007. I decided to focus on myself and acheived many goals including therapy,addressing substance abuse issues(because I had tarted to drink again ) to try and stop a negative cycle I was aware of. When you have two against one, it is hard to prove your innocence. I am already aware of many legal representatives who are biased,I personally feel,to admitted past drug use and/or if you dont have your own paid legal representation. These factors, along with a few beliefs have no longer hold, is why I pled guilty to these charges. I would like some advice from anyone out there who may be able to help. I have done everything required of me to regain full custody of children,except provide own housing. There is no way I can make it without a descent nursing job. This is also something I love. Family members have slandered me and defamed my charcter. I am no longer going to be the scapegoat and take full responsibilty for my dysfunctional famil. I will admit to my poor choices I have made. I plan on eventually providing evidence to the court and also need help with obtaining more evidence. I do not want to take ANY chances when it goes to trial and so I would like be able to pay a top attorney for this. I have documentation and/or certificates along with letters of recommendation and reference to my character. Sadly I feel this isn't enough. If any one has any advice I would appreciate the input. As always I remain with sincerety , Margo Harris msmargodiane@yahoo.com

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98 months ago


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jjustice34 in Burleson, Texas

97 months ago

I went through the same thing. Only, it wasn't family. It was my own co-dependent-driven decision to stay in an abusive relationship for one year that got me. In that one year's time, I got 3 DWI's. That's third degree felony. That was 5 years ago. I am now taking a refresher course and they have agreed to reinstate my license! The company I wa sworking for when this took place has offered my job back. I don't know if this will help, but try a nursing agency. You don't have to travel, but it is an option. They know that the facilities will not run background checks. You just need to present yourself honestly and let them know your story. Good luck and keep in touch.

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