I've been searching for the right job that isn't more than one 45 mins away.

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Nadina in Hightstown, New Jersey

114 months ago

My name is Nadina I attended vocational school in High School and also I graduated form the Art Institute of New York City in 2006. I've only cooked at Tgi' Friday's for 8 months which was terrible, I liked the job but extremely underpaid. Same with Shoprite's Carribean Grill for 6 months only earning 7.65hr just didn't cut it while I had to travel to New York for school I have been a shift manager at KFC for the past 2 years but worked there 5 yrs in total. I just recently quit there in search for a restaurant job. I just long to be in the kitchen again. If anyone has any tips please let me know how to go about my search I've done driving down the highway filling out applications even doing this online application process. Thanks for reading and thanks for your time


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