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envirpjones at yahoo in Denver, Colorado

Updated 11 months ago

Number of Employee's - 14 Replies

How many maintenance tech's are usually required to handle an entire Apt. Complex of 106 unit's? That would include ground's, changekey, work...

T in Maryland

Updated 16 months ago

Why isn't industrial maintenance technician wages increasing? - 2 Replies

After working as an operator for eight years I gained enough mechanical knowledge to transition to maintenance. I then went to school get...

Ben Sapper in New York, New York

Updated 26 months ago

Building Maintenance - 4 Replies

I am a well rounded carpenter that has quite a bit of commercial and residential construction along with occupational support to help up keep these...

joseybarboza60@gmail in Columbus, Georgia



xnite in Freeport, Illinois

maintance tech

ive been in the business for 20+yrs ive worked on applancies,factory machines,construction sites,theres really nothing I cant fix.looking for work in...


Just old maintenance guy that's thankful for his trade

I'm 55years old started working part time while in school THEN WORKING for my dad full time in 1979 in a Tool & Die shop, Mold Maker have built...

TGPII in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 31 months ago

Better paying jobs - 2 Replies

I don't get paid for being a fabrication tech engineer

victor hanstein ventures in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 31 months ago

We will work for you - 1 Reply

I'm the man for all the jobs you need handyman/painting what ever you need I'm just a call away ...

4th Class OE in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 43 months ago

Stationary Engineering License - 2 Replies

Why do places outside the city of Chicago require a Stationary Engineer's license when the license isn't used in that city or town? and Plus should...

LakeMan in Sacramento, California

Apartment Maintenance & Manager

15 Yrs Experience in Granite Bay, Calif.. I'm your man if you want your Apartments running Clean & Top shape. I'm on vacation and am willing to start...

LakeMan in Sacramento, California


I am a groundsKeeper and am looking for a full time job. I'm Located in Granite Bay and I would enjoy working for the Shriner's Hospital Sacramento.

Keithbielawne@*****.*** in Spring Hill, Florida

Updated 52 months ago

age - 22 Replies

Iam 59yearsold and have applied at a number of companies they dont seem to want us older guys even though we have the experiance and know how and...

raymond in Birkirkara, Malta

Updated 52 months ago

handyman phone nunber 1 630 640 8697 saint charles illinois - 2 Replies

show me the money.. i like the work. willing to work 7 days a week.12 hours a day. what happened this year. i need work

divaD81 in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 53 months ago

Maintenace - 3 Replies

I would like to find a maintenace job where i can get cfc certified and a company thats wants to pay for it and let me grow with the company

gelliott2003@*****.*** in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 57 months ago



CHARLESFRED in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 67 months ago

Times are tight - 3 Replies

Is anybody else having trouble finding a job because of past criminal records or due to being fire in the past? I have been unemployed for nearly 2...

wow871944@*****.*** in New Port Richey, Florida

fluor jobs

I don't want to work in the U.S. I want to work over seas. Every thing I see on line is state side. DON'T WANT STAT SIDE. HELP!!!!!.

mario456 in Veles, Macedonia

Updated 69 months ago

What are the best maintenance technician qualifications and training to get ahead? - 7 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a maintenance technician? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

jeff hughes in Mount Arlington, New Jersey

Updated 72 months ago

maintenance tech - 1 Reply

i have 15 years experieced in maintenance tech and i have 3 certification but companys like bozzutto /and kettler /and more are chips they want...

Ralph H. in Independence, Wisconsin

Updated 86 months ago

tranferable skills maintenace technician, maintence mechanic - 2 Replies

I have been a toolmaker machinists for 25 years and am presently going to school for maintenance technician but dont get any replys on my job search....

MINH DANG in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Updated 92 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your maintenance technician career? - 4 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a maintenance technician? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to...

Ty Harris in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

To be the best... - 2 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every maintenance technician must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your...

Ty in Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 97 months ago

I can change myself but not the past - 3 Replies

I have seen my share of trouble and made alot of it for myself but last year I made the decision to change and I now have over 1 year of sobriety....

sir.knight in Kingston, Jamaica

Updated 100 months ago

electrical maintence tech - 1 Reply

Yes im a student at tech thats completing electrical maintence tech and wanted to know is there goin be any opporunity and jobs in this field at...

tjralph in bath, North Carolina

Journeyman Millwright

25+ years experience. Doesn't anyone have a job opening that pays decent in Eastern NC????

Leon2010 in Arlington, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

little zion manner apartments - 1 Reply

they fired the best manager and tech they could ever had now the seniors and residents are no safe god please help the staff and residents

BIGE1040 in Mesquite, Texas

Updated 107 months ago

Maintenance positions - 1 Reply

I've been looking for work for quite a few months now, IS Anybody Actually hiring in Memphis?

maintenancecarlos in Tampa, Florida

Updated 108 months ago

manager want to drop down my h/ wage rate and teminated employment - 8 Replies

hi, to all apt maintenance worker if u guy can help on my toic , i appreciate .I worked more than 3 1/2 years adcock apt complex , a bad...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 109 months ago

Landscaping/groundskeeper - 1 Reply

I am located In Wilmington Delaware looking for work in the landscaping/groundskeeping field.

James King in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 109 months ago

Maintenance Tech - 5 Replies

Dependable Tech lookin for work

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 110 months ago

headhunters - 2 Replies

most are a joke they say they can get u work but in this economy most places dont want u if ur over 50 pay is a joke 10 to 12 bucks an hour

jonscot in Beachwood, Ohio

Updated 111 months ago

number of doors to men - 3 Replies

whats the average doors to workers in apt maint.i was doing 130 with pool and hot tub bymyself then after 3 yrs let go

JCM in Tampa, Florida

Updated 112 months ago

Would a company give you chance to work with them if you haven't done the work in a long time? - 3 Replies

What I would do if I was in this situation is to give him some time on the job with someone who still at his best and try to let the other person...

raylubbers@*****.*** in Hamilton, Ohio

Updated 114 months ago

I'm curious about the unannounced needs or demands in industry for I have achieved all that has been evidently obvious - 1 Reply

I began performing commercial and industrial electrical work in 1977 this turned into owning my own business building OEM control cabinets and...

depressed in Grand Blanc, Michigan

Updated 115 months ago

lazy supervisors - 6 Replies

why the supervisors are so lazy and they still hold the big positons on apartments complex. my sup is the worst i have work for. i can,t wait to quit...

David in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 115 months ago

maintenance mechanic - 4 Replies

i have worked in the maintenance field for 26 years, it use to be a seperate shop for each field, hydraulic,electric,welding,repair, new install, and...

jerry in Dallas, Texas


Its really sad,Ive been in the for 20 years.It used to be something to be proud of,most of the properties in austin have been destroyed by...

David Stokes in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 116 months ago

Are maintenance technician job opportunities growing or declining? - 6 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most maintenance...

David Stokes in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 116 months ago

age - 10 Replies

i have 30 years plus in maintenance and electrical work. what do you think people looking for someone think about hiring a 60 year old?

maloy in Clearwater, Florida

maint tech

your right there pushing out the old they want youth cheaper costs to the company.maybe retirement should start at 50

mulliganschoice02 in Manchester, Connecticut

Updated 119 months ago

Maintenance technition - 3 Replies

I'm looking for maintenance position

hardtimes 44 yrs in New Lebanon, Ohio

american and proud and unemployed

maint tech in dayton oh for large industrial plant laidoff due to plant closing has never had a problem getting a job until 2009 i hope the country...

vicki_shook in Hewitt, Texas

Updated 121 months ago

Long term employment - 5 Replies

I worked for one company 30 plus years. I loved it. I retired, now I am looking for a new position. No one seems to want a 52 year old with 30 years...

dj722009 in Monroe, Wisconsin

Updated 121 months ago

Show me the money... - 1 Reply

What are typical maintenance technician salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in...

dj722009 in Monroe, Wisconsin

Updated 121 months ago

Building Maintenance or Industrial Maintenance - 2 Replies

I'm sick with indecision. I can go industrial maintenance or make more money and better benfits with a job in high rise maintenance. Worried about...

Jgalindo in Vancouver, Washington

Good job and service

Remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, total home restoration I have 15 Years Experience. I am Arquitect in Mexico but here I work my self. I have...

Jeff in Bristol, Connecticut

weld it

I would like to work with someone I can show my skills to.

KSBREED in Grand Prairie, Texas


i have been in maint. for 30 years. mostly plumbing,drain cleaning and boiler looking for something in the dallas-ft.worth area

michaeljrickard in Parker, Arizona

Updated 122 months ago

Maintenance Technican positions in area - 12 Replies

I need help in finding these positions in order to apply ASAP, because I am currently unemployed.

Pete Brideau in Milford, New Hampshire

Need leads on Maintenance positions in southern nh

I'm looking for a maintenance position in southern nh. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks

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