Are master scheduler job opportunities growing or declining?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most master scheduler opportunities?

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San Diego mfg insights in San Diego, California

72 months ago

Master schedluling jobs are declining. It is becoming more integrated into the enterprise software and with verticle integration with vendor platforms and prediction systems. It makes no sense anymore to employ a human for a fiction that has been successfully migrated to the applications platform. More like a needless babysitter job these days.

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msprojectendlesspossibilities in Kiowa, Colorado

69 months ago

The comment about Master Scheduling jobs being reduced to babysitting jobs couldn't be farther from the truth, unless the person performing he Master Scheduling function turns it into one. Quite frankly, we have no use for that kind of Master Scheduler/Planner. 95% of a real Master Scheduler's time is spent planning. The remaining 5% is spent adding dates to the plan, and none of the vendor platforms even begin to touch all of the nuances important to each business environment. Our greatest challenge to hiring Master Planners/Schedulers, is that it's difficult to find Master Schedulers whose skills and knowledge have advanced much beyond those of a "babysitter". We find people all of the time who claim to be experts with the planning and scheduling software such as MS Project, Open Plan, and PrimaVera, etc., and yet they have never tailored the out-of-the-box software defaults, menus, and toolbars to suit even their personal preferences, let alone those of the business environment in which they are working. We want the Master Schedulers who aren't satified simply with "business as ususal," who fully understand the true value of integrating cost and schedule, who know how to integrate cost and scheule, who understand that the schedule is the execution plan, and have sufficient experience to know intuitively how to find the fine line between too much detail and not enough. It's even more important now than before with fewer dollars chasing goods and services - to be able to demonstrate that we have the ability to plan large endeavors, and then execute successfully to the plans we create. Master Scheduling/Planning is much, much more than some vendor's vertically integrated software. I have little doubt that the demand for Real Master Schedules is going to increase

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