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jenice in Salado, Texas

Updated 78 months ago

Can a student from an accredited CMA school (and not accredited by RMA) take either the CMA and RMA exam? - 5 Replies

I was recently told that if a school has the accreditation by CAAHEP for CMA, that a graduate could take either the CMA or RMA exam. I thought...

Ryan in San Juan Capistrano, California

Externships for Medical Assisting

I noticed a common factor between many of the threads here is the notion of experience that is necessary to get a medical assisting job. But, I'm...

Janet Rostro staffing specialist in Northbrook, Illinois

Updated 79 months ago

Looking for a medical assistant position in the philadelphia area - 44 Replies

I have been looking for work as a medical assistant for 4 months now. I've sent my resume to every hospital, clinic, doctor's office that I can think...

lisa in Duluth, Georgia


does anyone know what States accept the ncct certification and what States you have to have a separate State certification

Sunshine76 in Mccomb, Mississippi

Updated 79 months ago

CCMA and Certified Phlebotomist - 3 Replies

Certified in Medical assisting and phlebotomy. Still can't find a job:( Looking in the Macon GA. area. Received my cerification in M.A. last month,...

Sharee Z in Arlington, Texas

Obtaining medcal assistant experience

I graduated from medical assistant school two months ago. I am now searching for a job and most all positions require 1 or more years of experience...

SD Girl in Fallbrook, California

Updated 79 months ago

Employer wants to send me to MA school... need help with online options? - 1 Reply

Hello, I work for a cardiology office currently as a front office person. My manager offered to send me to MA school and pay 1/2 the fees if I...

myzozo in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Updated 79 months ago

HELPPPPPPP MEEEEEE lol im going brain hurts!! lol - 30 Replies

I AM STARTing school to become an MA..ive been reading negative and positive feedback about this career. i go to medvance institute in...

brina in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 79 months ago

I want to help people. if MA is a no then what do you suggest? - 4 Replies

If there aren't any jobs with MA Opthalmic assisting Optician RN Dental assisting and I want to help people and I'm not very good with math...

CLD in Pleasanton, California

Updated 79 months ago

Can clinical medical assistants find jobs easily? - 1 Reply

Hello, everyone! I plan to take Clinical Medical Assisting program at San Joaquin Valley College. I think that Medical Assisting is a cool career....

Sharise D in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 80 months ago

Medical Assisting - 2 Replies

How can you get experience as a Medical Assistant when no one will give it to you? Seems all the postions I apply for require it.

Avera in Mustang, Oklahoma

Updated 80 months ago

medical assistant jobs - 59 Replies

i went to school for medical assistant and graduated in may 2008 and still can't find a job. they all wan't experienced or certified thru the AAMA...

tammy wroten in Yuba City, California

i am going to medical assisting school in california

once i graduate from cambridge jr college in yuba city ca can i work in another state. or what will i have to do to be able to

Tula in Boston, Massachusetts

Health Training Center (HTC)

I was wondering if anyone could inform me about their experiences with this specific school. I was considering taking a class there but I've been...


Updated 81 months ago

Boom or bust? - 2 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most medical assistant...

tea ali in New Jersey

Updated 81 months ago

Job offer from externship site...When do you say 'no'? - 3 Replies

I will be completing my medical assisting externship this week and I plan to sit for my certification in September. I have been offered a job...

A.R.,MA in Saint Louis, Missouri

Can you work in another state without certification or registration?

I'm really stuck in a bind, I want to move out of St. Louis for various reasons but I want to be able to work in my field. My teachers can't give me...

Linda in Muskegon, Michigan

Updated 81 months ago

Would experience as a CNA be looked at as experience? - 1 Reply

A hypothetical here.. I am planning to get my CNA and work in a LTC facility while pursuing MA. Is there a chance that experience as a CNA would be...

M811 in Seattle, Washington

Did any one graduate from north seattle community college? (medical assistant in Washginton )

I am just wondering how many ppl graduate from there and was able to find a job... after reading ppl's comment about MA , i am just horrified!!! i...

Amy in Valley, Alabama


Do these certifications count for anything? One of the programs I am looking at offers testing for these 2 certifications. Is that the same as being...



Can someone please tell me what the the best medical background would be to go with a career as an EKG Technician? I was thinking EMT but would...

tina in Phenix City, Alabama

Updated 81 months ago

Really struggling with choosing a field - 5 Replies

I know I want to do something medical. I know that I need to make at least 30K. ANd I know I need to be able to find a job in the field. I originally...

kathy in Hamden, Connecticut

Updated 81 months ago

I NEED HELP! - 373 Replies


JohnC1993 in New York, New York

What should I do? Please help!

Hi; I'm a recent High School grad, and for a while now, I've been looking to dive into a career where there are a lot of jobs available with decent...

Shawntel in Buffalo, New York

Updated 82 months ago

i need to interview a medical assistan - 2 Replies

hi my name is yesenia and i'm doing a research report and i was wondering if anyone could help me find a person who's a medical assistant that could...

Debra Jacobs in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 82 months ago

Hiring medical receptionist, biller, medical assistant - 5 Replies

Small internal medicine - pediatrics office, downtown St. Petersburg FL. Fax resume to 727-823-4153 No criminal record, prefer experience

Di'Addezzio in Stratford, Connecticut

Medical Assistant

I am 5 more days away from completing my externship for Medical assistant. Does anyone know any places in Connecticut that is hiring for entry level...

mrsfields in Cebu, Philippines

Updated 82 months ago

Any Medical Assistants in Massachusetts - 1 Reply

Medical Assisting seems interesting to me, but I see on this forum and on different places online that pay is crappy and not many jobs. I saw on a...

valentine in Park City, Utah

Updated 83 months ago

Thinking About Going Into Medical Assisting. - 3 Replies

I want to go to Carrington College for Medical Assisting. This is a private college (like Heald or Phoenix) and I'm not sure about accredidation. T...

Patricia in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Updated 83 months ago

Why you didn't get hired as a Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

Some information I thought I would post here. Hopefully someone could benefit from it. Enjoy and comment. Why you didn't get hired as a Medical...

JettingtoMars in US

Updated 83 months ago

Medical Assistant Training Near New Haven, CT - 4 Replies

Hello, I've been looking for a Medical Assistanting training program in CT, I am looking for a program that only takes a few months NOT over a year....

Jen in Naugatuck, Connecticut

thinking of becoming a medical assistant but intimidated by doctors

I am thinking of becoming a medical assistant because i like the idea of working with people, but I must admit that i am a little scared to work with...

icelily20 in Brooklyn, New York

New York Medical Assistant is it worth it

Hello, I wanted to hear some feedback from Medical assistants in nyc. What school did you go to? and cost? Was becoming an MA worth it? What is...

brooklyn11 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 84 months ago

Can a Medical assistant become a patient care tech? - 1 Reply

does medical assistant training qualify you for a job as a patient care techician? not CNA the advanced positions of pct.

HUH in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 84 months ago

Medical Assistant position - 2 Replies

I am a recent graduate and am looking for a medical assistant or phlebotomy position in the High Point/Greensboro (Triad) Area.

Christy in Grass Valley, California

Question's For an high school student that's wants to become an medical assistant

I have some questions for a medical assistant! If you can answer some of my question's that would be great! I really need help on picking my career...

Ruth in Springfield, Missouri

is it ok to be a M.A.?

never could aford college was thinking of doing a training program or something in a medical field where you don't need 2-4 yrs and affordable been...

security11@*****.*** in Wayne, New Jersey

Updated 85 months ago

A new career @ 50 - Medical Asssitng - 1 Reply

I'm almost completing my class in medical assisting in June. To complete my 120 hours externship and certificate, I need to get into a place that...

M-Man in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 85 months ago

medical assistan is a waste of time i lost hope - 1 Reply

I invested my precious time and finances on a school that after I graduated three years ago didn't help me to obtained a job not even as a...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 85 months ago

medical assistant jobs - 1 Reply

hi im Aletha, and as i read some of the comments it makes me kinda nervous about trying to get a job as a MA..ill graduate in june and ill start my...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 85 months ago

Where to go after medical assisting - 1 Reply

I received a medical assisting certificate in 2005. I was unable to find work for a few months so I just went with another job that would pay the...

lalala21 in Sun City, California

Medical Assistant Offices

What are all of the different offices Medical Assistants can work in?? I'm currently getting my certificate and finishing up school and am wondering...

adviseseeker in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 86 months ago

phlebotomist - 8 Replies

I payed for a phlebotomy class and passed the class recieved a certificate of completion in this course. I now have been looking for for a...

Karen Chapin in Hayfork, California

Updated 86 months ago

Medical Assistant - 2 Replies

Hi I graduated from Everest in 2008 as a Medical Assistant. I was never certified. Do anyone know of a refeshers course I can take in the macomb...

Shahin C. in New York, New York

Before I go to school for this..

Hi. I'm graduating from High School this year and I really would love to become a Medical Assistant. I plan on taking a program in Upstate NY to...

Mac's Mommy in Canyon Country, California

Medical Assistant Vs. LVN in California

I'm a single mother to a 4 month old and I have been looking into getting a job in the medical field, but I'm a little concerned about some things. I...

shut up in Palatine, Illinois

Updated 87 months ago

Medical Assistant Jobs In Illinois - 6 Replies

Good afternon, students, Medical Assistants Experienced & So called non Experienced Medical Assistants. How are you all? as far as they (Employers)...

marisole in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 87 months ago

Associates Degree - 1 Reply

I graduated from Everest University in Pompano Beach, Florida in March of this year and lost my apartment of 13 years and my car and now I am in a...

Xavier in Shreveport, Louisiana

Another thing

Also is it better to have a degree?

Xavier in Shreveport, Louisiana

Medical asst

I am currently a high school student looking for a profession in the medical field. Lately I've been thinking a medical asst. Is this a good career...

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