Dental Assistant vs. Medical Assistant vs. College

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ConfusedStudent in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

73 months ago

I am a recent high school graduate who has been contemplating between going to college to get my degree in speech pathology or going to technical school to become either a medical assistant or dental assistant. I know a lot of people say that college is always the best route, but I like to explore all of my options.

By the time I graduate with my bachelors degree and get my masters degree, I will be in so much debt. It will be six years before I can start working full time and making any real salary compared to my job in a grocery store right now. I like the idea of the great income, but I don't know if I have the drive to complete six more years of school. Plus, even graduating with a bachelors degree doesn't guarantee me a spot in a masters degree program. Then I just wasted four years on a degree that is basically useless. Lately, I've been contemplating just going to technical school. I went to vo-tech during my senior year of high school and I loved the hands-on learning environment. I have always had a strong interest in the dental field, but I also like that sound of the medical assistant role. Which one would make more sense to go into? What are teh salaries of each starting out? For the dental assistants, how is it working with dentists? I heard some of them can be crazy!

I mostly like the idea of technical school because I feel like I would be able to change my career in the future if need-be. I mean, I like speech pathology now, but who's to say that I will love it in twenty years?


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