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Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 7 months ago

Medical coding a good career? - 10 Replies

I'm in a really crappy retail job and I hate it, I feel like I am being babysat all of the time and I would like to be able to work more...

Medtechny in Bronx, New York

What kinda jobs can you get with.. BBA in Accounting degree plus medical billing/coding certificate?

I have 9 yrs experience in healthcare. Im currently working as a medical assistant, i used to be an EMT. Im almost done with a medical...

Diane McCain, CEO, Potomac Mgmt in Woodbridge, Virginia

Updated 7 months ago

Remote coding jobs....don't bother - 259 Replies

Don't bother looking for remote coding jobs. They are all being sent overseas. Don't believe me? Look in the back of the AAPC magazine, which...

KM28 in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 7 months ago

Internship Positions - 6 Replies

Hi everyone I just started this course at BMCC and only draw back is they don't offer internships. Can anyone tell me about medical billing or...

SDBBDS in Montgomery, Alabama

Interview Medical Coders

hello! i was wondering if i could get a few people to do some interview questions for me for a class. i need someone that is a medical coder, a...

vandaniels in Grafton, West Virginia

Updated 8 months ago

Employability of HIT associates degree graduates - 28 Replies

I am looking at shifting career, and considering the current job market in Nevada, it seems that the way to go is the medical/healthcare industry. I...

Public health Academic in Cedar Hill, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Need Advice Regarding RHIT/RHIA Education - 371 Replies

My goal is to return to work after being a stay at home mom. I am 50 something and my husband of 25 years wants a divorce. I reside in a NYC suburb....

ANNGATES in Bronx, New York



Samaira Khan in South Ozone Park, New York

Updated 10 months ago

Is Going To College For HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNICIAN Worth It? - 20 Replies

I currently am in college for it BUT am worried I will NOT find a job in this field. I have been going to college for 2 years now and I have finally...

PMRNC in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 10 months ago

Wondering if CPC certificaiton was a mistake. - 3 Replies

I have over 20 yrs experience with billing and coding. I decided that it was time to make my title, knowledge and experience official. I went ahead...

JP in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

Looking to switch careers from pharmaceutical to HIT - 1 Reply

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 yrs. I am just frustrated with doing contracting work. I am looking for something more...

JP in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

CPC exam - 28 Replies

Hi i have been coding for 3 years and have decided to sit for the CPC exam. i have the study guide from carol buck. anyone who has used this book...

LPN to Coder in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Updated 11 months ago

We LOVE Training RN's and other Clinical Professionals in Medical Coding - 6 Replies

Compliant Coding Systems, with its staff of Medical Coders, RN's, and MD provides the highest quality training with total support and resources and...

PMRNC in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Good degree in Medical Billing and Coding - 3 Replies

Hi. I am interested in looking into Billing and Coding degrees. What degree is good to have a better chance in getting a job. I am also planning to...

PMRNC in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Medical billing certificate worth it? - 3 Replies

I already have my coding certification should I get my billing Certificate as well?? I'm having trouble just getting my foot in the door ad I'm...

Tracy CertifiedCoder in West Tehama County, California

Updated 11 months ago

RHIT Exam Question - 1 Reply

I test on the 19th, can anyone tell me if the RHIT exam displays code explanations on coding questions, or are we just guessing and hoping for the...

Student65 in Lindenhurst, New York

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

I recently finished a Medical Billing and Coding course through Boces. I am scheduled for a national certification exam through a company called CHP...

Tracy CertifiedCoder in West Tehama County, California

Updated 12 months ago

Questions AAPC CPC and Practicum - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, Looking for non-endorsement/advertisement commenters...and PLEASE, everyone commenting and not tearing other commenters down,...

Undecided Me in Independence, Missouri

Updated 12 months ago

CPC from a reputable online school? Are there 2 CPC tests? CPC A? - 6 Replies

Can someone tell me if Careersteps is a good site for taking classes for CPC? Or would it be an eye roll for HR hire people? I am an LPN and have had...

Undecided Me in Independence, Missouri

Updated 12 months ago

LPN With 10 Years of Risk Adjustment Coding - 1 Reply

I've been a nurse since 1994. For the last 10 years I've done Risk Adjustment coding. I didn't become a certified coder cause it wouldn't have...

HelpingHandNeeded in Voorheesville, New York

Updated 12 months ago

Review of CPC Coding Certification Blitz - 52 Replies

I bought the 2012 blitz videos to help prepare to take the CPC exam. If you are looking for a sure way to pass the exam that is not what she offers...

CodingLife24 in New York, New York

Anyone Taking The CFPC Exam From AAPC?

I have not seen anyone commenting that they are studying for the CFPC Exam from AAPC. Wondering if it is a worth while certification to have or is...

CodingLife24 in New York, New York

Updated 13 months ago

CCS prep - 1 Reply

Would you say the ccs prep ahima provides is adequate for the exam? I'd like to sit for the exam next year janruary and give myself time to prepare.

kwalls in Tavares, Florida

HIM Interview Help

Hello! I am a student and I am needing to interview 2 individuals for my HIM class. I have 9 questions and have attached them below if anyone is...

Ashtae220 in Wallingford, Connecticut

Therapy/Private Practice Advice

Right now I work for a family member doing medical billing and coding for her private Marriage and Family therapist practice. I have never gone...

Career Coach Joe in San Francisco, California

Updated 13 months ago

Medical Coding certificate advice - 3 Replies

Need some advice...I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration. As many people, I couldn't find a job in my desired area so I'm looking for...

Itot in Stafford, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Medical Coding and Billing...worth it? - 3 Replies

I'm still deciding whether pharmacy tech or medical coding and billing. I know medical coding pays wayyy more but i've been reading of how hard it is...

Erin HERRICK in College Station, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Experience vs. Certifications - 17 Replies

I've been noticing a lot of individuals on here have 10+ years of experience, BUT they don't have the certifications to go along with their...

Mia77 in Evans, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

Already have a college degree. But getting Coding Certificate. What does that make me? - 31 Replies

Hello All! I am a college graduate, I have a Bachlor's of English. I'm currently in AHIMA's online Coding Basics Certificate Program. So my...

Barb24 in Wheaton, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

AHIMA's Exams - No Educational Requirements! - 469 Replies

I just read in Ahima's fine print: "The CCA exam is not linked to any formal education or training in coding." All you need is a high school...

Michelle78 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

5 year old degree - 1 Reply

Hell all, I graduated with a associates degree for billing and coding in 2012. I never got into after school, instead I went back to school to pursue...

Coder1 in Youngstown, Ohio

Updated 15 months ago

Billing and coding: degree or certification?? - 2 Replies

I'm a certified medical assistant but I want to do billing and coding. I'm scouring the Internet for classes at the moment. My only option is online...

Kelly Middlebrooks in bunkie, Louisiana

Updated 15 months ago

Remote Orthopedic Coding Jobs - 9 Replies

Hi - I am looking for an opportunity for remote Orthopedic Coding. I have 33 years experience, am a past Orthopedic Operating Room Technician,...

JadeP in Palm Bay, Florida

Best way to get into medical coding

I have been working as a medical receptionist for about 4 years. At my current job I enter cpt codes and drop claims for office visits, xrays, and...

Karin in Niagara Falls, New York

Updated 15 months ago

coding remotely outside US - 3 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knew if remote coding positions would consider someone outside the US. I may be relocating to the Caribbean for about 9...

E.Swaine in Chatham, Illinois

College only offers a Certificate in Coding - Worth getting?

What I want to know is, from people who are in medical coding, the answer to these questions: 1) Not much patient contact - but how about contact...

Cherry in Ormond Beach, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

New Graduate with no where to turn............... - 59 Replies

I am a Certified Medical billing and Coding Specialist, I graduated June 2008 with a 4.0 GPA as well as perfect attendance and "I CAN'T FIND A JOB...

adeptrus in Hesperia, California

Updated 16 months ago

Medical Coding Mentor - 3 Replies

Does anyone know how to go about finding a mentor in this field? My school recently contacted me asking if I wanted to join their mentor program, I...

adeptrus in Hesperia, California

Updated 16 months ago

Medical Coding - 2 Replies

Hello, I have worked in retail management and now I install solar panels. I am 23 and I am looking for a more mentally stimulating career in the...

adeptrus in Hesperia, California

Updated 16 months ago

allied school for medical coding and billing - 84 Replies

This is a question related to allied school online. What is the cost of tuition for this program?

Prs in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 16 months ago

Licensure revocation 15 years ago haunting me - 3 Replies

I am just about to finish a 15 month course for coding at a local college. I underwent the school background check for their required externship and...

Rich in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 16 months ago

Staffing agencies you have worked with/or that have contacted you - 26 Replies

Since these boards are all over the place I thought I would start a new listing to give experience in regards to staffing agencies and their...

Working Man 73 in Louisiana

Coding Job Opportunity?

I work for a hospital in the area, and have been with them a number of months in a HIM-related field. I look over medical records and interact with...

The Optimist in grand haven, Michigan

Medical coding future skills

Wondering will future coders need to have a nursing/clinical background in order to be considered for employment? Ran into an article online that was...

lrossell42 in Port Charlotte, Florida

Working as Coder while in Class

I am wanting to know is there an employer out there that is willing to hire someone as a coder while in class and has 8 years of RAW experience. In...

Valerie in Edwardsville, Illinois

Updated 16 months ago

Is Coding & Billing Being Outsourced Overseas? - 90 Replies

Is outsourcing of medical billing and coding to India becoming a growing trend? I just passed my CPC (yesterday :)} and I am interviewing for jobs. ...

Katieyoung28 in Columbus, Ohio

Do employers look at transcripts/gpa?

I have graduated from a certified medical coding and getting a good score on the exam it seems is a priority. Do employers ask for transcripts or...

AndyLeeD90 in Warrensburg, Missouri

Is it going to be impossible to get a position in less than two years?

Hello all, I started my program for Medical Coding a few weeks ago. I love it so far. I have been studying very hard and have even left my old job...

Rich in New York, New York

How do you look at fake diploma certificates?

When you study hard for your diploma, others may have already got their graduation certificate, you're angry, you're compromise, because when to...

Star in Midland, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

Work at home coding jobs - 90 Replies

I have been in healthcare as a Business Office Manager since 2000, but received my CPC in 2006. I am looking for a remote position, I am near Akron,...

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