CCA's and Employment

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Mike in Minneapolis, Minnesota

73 months ago

I often hear of CCAs having a hard time finding work. It seems like most of them that are having a hard time finding work are those with no medical billing/coding experience.

I'm starting this thread as a log for CCA's to post their experiences with finding work and employment as a CCA.

In my case I've worked in Medical Billing for 8-9 years now and just got certified. My employer asked me to get a basic coding certification because our billing department didn't have any certified coders. So, I had a built-in job as soon as I got certified. I also have several years of experience as well.


janetarie in Naperville, Illinois

69 months ago

I think that NOBODY knows about the CCA. It's just another way for AHIMA to make money and fleece it's members. I'm ready to give up entirely.



55 months ago

I am believing that my CCA has opened doors. I currently work secondaries BCBS for a hospitalist company. I believe this will be great on my resume. Getting ready to sit for the CCS test. Also, have a lead on a remote coder position. I believe having coding experience, any kind of coding experience will make me that much more valuable. I did not come this far, study this hard and sacrifice so much to give up now!! Lets encourage one another!! Lets network, lets pay it forward!!


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