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cartagenera in Elk Grove, California

93 months ago

Hello everybody,
I just finished my medical coding and billing program and would like to know some advices in how get certified.



prettyfokused in Birmingham, Alabama

62 months ago

Tak531 in Columbia, South Carolina said: I am currently studying for the CCS-P? Which books did you study from? After taking the exam..what suggestions do you have for people studying for the exam?

I passed my CCS-P exam a few days ago by 11 points. I used AHIMA's CCS-P study guide and I had the Coding Clinic books from school (I have an associates degree in insurance billing and coding).

What really helped me was that I practiced timing myself. I was done and still had about 30 minutes left to review.



54 months ago

cartagenera in Elk Grove, California said: Thank you Valentine. I'm nervous even I did good with my final exam at school. I've gotten some information in how to prepare but still I'm not sure. How long do you think I should prepare before taking the certificate exam?


I have just pass my medical billing and coding exam through Nhanow I am looking for an internship so I can get some hands on


Bh1321 in San Marcos, Texas

52 months ago

Hi I am looking at possible places I could get an internship this upcoming August and a possible volunteer position in medical coding or medical billing. If you know of any please let me know!


Kristin Lawver in Fairfield, Ohio

18 months ago

Hello Everyone!

I am a current medical billing and coding student. This is my last semester until I do my internship. However I did not realize how hard it is in my area. I did some call and e-mails to all the ones I was interested in and it is either they do not take interns or just not at this time. I was hoping maybe someone in the Hamilton, OH area knew of some places that were. I can travel to either cincinnati, OH or dayton, OH if need be. I am really nervous about not finding one.



Kimberly Sherman in San Diego, California

17 months ago

Getting a degree in medical coding and billing should not be your first step toward getting into this career. I think that many organizations offering training for this career are not frank with their students about this fact. The way the career path works is that you start with a job in healthcare (front desk, medical records clerk, etc.), and then you gradually transition into coding and billing. The training and certification comes along the way. If you have already invested a lot of money, time and work into a degree program but have no job experience, your next step is to stop looking for a position as a coder or biller, and look instead for an entry-level job in healthcare where you have the opportunity to work with patient medical records in some capacity. Look at medical offices looking for a front desk person or office assistant. In hospitals, look for an entry-level job in medical records or patient registration. Let the prospective employer know that you have extensive training in healthcare administration, and that should put you ahead of the game. When you've been in your healthcare job for awhile, look for opportunities to help out with coding and billing tasks, and you'll be on your way. Employers are hungry for good coders and billers, and in my experience, they would rather nurture such an employee from within their own organization than hiring someone they do not know.


km28 in Detroit, Michigan

8 months ago

I know this is a late reply but I am also having the hardest time finding an internship. My school does not assist in placement and I can't seem to find any place in the Metro Detroit area willing to take me on. I previously lived in Seattle and tried there as well without any luck. Would any happen to recommend anywhere that's willing to help students in WA or MI? Willing to go anywhere as this is one of the last few things I need to complete in order to graduate. I also have health insurance experience with BCN, UHG, Tricare and Amerigroup as well as medical records experience.


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