What is the job like being in medical sales and the potentials and the international market?

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Medina in Arlington, Texas

116 months ago


I have been looking for new technology and continue growth industry esp. for American markets since I live in Plano. I have strong finance and sales of household products and made good sales with Walmart. I always have background in mortgage which I found it unfit for me. I really like talking to professional and instituational levels than one on one with people that have credit problem. Having had the last 2 careers, I like to learn new technology and found medical device manufacturing very interesting. I am from Hong Kong and would like to bring this level of skills to Asia if I decide to move back there.

I would like to know:
1. is the medical device sales job a hard - sell job?
2. is the job normally paid a base salary and have continue training?
3. Does the company identify areas for marketing instead of like real estate, you have to find products (listings) to sell?
4. Do experienced sales rep grow to represent different company for more different product lines?
5. What is the most enjoyable factor and least enjoyable factor in this profession?
6. Do you have to be outside sales or half and half? How long does it take you a launch a sale?

I have been a successful import distributing business owner. My difficult was to design, and try to manage money, pay vendors, pay staffs, inventory, but I did enjoy sales although it was tough, but it was ok to tackle problems as long as we have the product. I think representing a good product makes marketing/sales much easier. Pls kindly advise. Medina, Plano, Texas


looker in Las Vegas, Nevada

102 months ago

how did yr search go?


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