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Updated 1 day ago

Taking the ascp mlt exam in 1 month - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mailene in Victoria, British Columbia"]I am planning to take thr exam? Can I ask for your notes and tips. Really appreciate it Thank you...


Updated 1 day ago

Quest Diagnostics Training Program - 18 Replies

Hi I am interested in the training program for ClS program at Quest diagnostics if anyone has information where is the the application and how can I...


Updated 2 days ago

CLS program in Cal Poly Pomona? - 5 Replies

Can anyone tell me which Cal States/ and colleges in California (include) a Training program please?


Updated 2 days ago

Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time - 3545 Replies

Hello everyone please I want to take the NYS License ASCP too please can we form a reading group so we can read together, my email is...

brooklyn girl

Updated 3 days ago


[QUOTE who="Marlon in Victorville, California"]The pay is offensive. I get $1000 after taxes and everything a week for 13 years or more of...


Updated 3 days ago

4+1 CLS Programs in the Midwest - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan"]Go to google and type in "michigan state university med tech matching program" You do NOT have to be...

Marlon Zuniga

Updated 7 days ago

Regret OT - Going to CLS - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Antmart in Somerville, Massachusetts"]I have been a COTA for 9 months now and abhor it. I had doubts going in, while in school, during...


I just passed my MT BB ASCP exam, thanks the Lord Jesus.

I studied very hard for this exam, I almost read the whole AABB Technical Manual 18th. I used the BOC Study Guide 5th edition, I watched the BB Guy...


Updated 9 days ago

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam - 1331 Replies

Has anyone used for the MB ASCP examination? My exam is next month and I'm trying to prepare the best way possible. Would like any...


Updated 11 days ago

Any CLS Students from Texas Tech? - 233 Replies

[QUOTE who="malloriegetzelman in Rockford, Illinois"]I just recently had an interview for this program (the certificate which is essentially the same...

Mallorie Getzelman

Updated 11 days ago

texas tech university - 23 Replies

I just recently had an interview for this program (the certificate which is essentially the same thing from my understanding). Does anyone know the...

Marinela Sorrels

Updated 11 days ago

Have you had issues with California Laboratory Field Services (LFS)? - 81 Replies

[QUOTE who="LeoE. in Rancho Cucamonga, California"]I say we get people together and either push for a repeal of LFS or a much needed overhaul of the...


Updated 12 days ago

Medical Technologist - CSMLS certification - 1355 Replies

[QUOTE who="DP2010 in Brampton, Ontario"]Hi Guys, Any body wants csmls exam review material let me know I have all subjects material[/QUOTE] Hi...


Updated 13 days ago

I failed the ASCP exam - 69 Replies

[QUOTE who="melech19 in Plainfield, Vermont"]I have a hard time finding a job with being certified. It's a more closed field than I was led to...


Updated 15 days ago

Going no where with a BA in psychology? - 251 Replies

[QUOTE who="confusedgirl33 in South Orange, New Jersey"]Am I the only one who is over 30, with a psych degree, married, and living at home with...


Updated 16 days ago

The true facts about MT salaries and pay - 888 Replies

“This is the normal MLT cirriculum. Where is the calculus? Where is hematology? Where is the coagulation? MLT are eligible to take their own ASCP,...


What program for a Biochem graduate

So I graduated with a Biochem degree 10 year ago. Currently, live in California. Want to get into the CLS field. I know California is pretty hard...


Updated 16 days ago

Study Material and how to study for M (ASCP) EXAM they ask obscure ogranims? - 23 Replies

Hi Robby, thanks for the response. So, what I am a bit confused about is the textbook part (and maybe it's because I haven't started studying)....


Updated 18 days ago

Salary for New York City Technologists? - 151 Replies

[QUOTE who="FT in Brooklyn, New York"]I am a recent graduate and I just finished my NYS license a month ago and I already received few job offer. I...


Updated 18 days ago

AAB Board of Registry Exam - 256 Replies

[QUOTE who="nps in Newbury Park, California"]Hello Rakesh, Can you please tell me about the generalist test? i will be giving in a month from now....


Updated 19 days ago

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and I'm interested in this field, but I have some questions - 180 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hannah in Sterling, Colorado"]I was wondering about how you found your program. I recently graduated with my bachelor's in micro and most...


Updated 19 days ago

The HEW certification.. - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="david_boffa@*****.*** in Lincoln, Delaware"]Contact your last employer, they should have documentation of your records and possibly a...


Updated 22 days ago

Requirements to get a CA CLS license - 743 Replies

If you move forward with the immunohematologist license, then there is a possibility that you will have to take the ASCP-BB exam. I asked LFS the...


Achieve your target IELTS score guaranteed.

Want to work, live or study abroad? Then you will probably need to take IELTS. IELTS is the world's most popular English language proficiency...


Updated 24 days ago

California CLS Licence - 1 Reply

Licensure requirements varies from state to state (in some cases), with california being one of the most rigid in terms of gaining a state licensure....

Kelvin Le

Updated 1 month ago

Anybody knows CSUDH CLS program? - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="Rob in Long Beach, California"]You apply as a post-bacc. If you have taken the CLS pre-reqs (for the trainee license), you would still...


Updated 1 month ago

AAB, AMT, ASCP: What certification do you have & what was the test like? - 20 Replies

I have BS degree in Biology and able to get into a post baccalaureate CLS NAACLS approved institution here in California. I finished all the...

Clinical Intern

Updated 1 month ago

Shift, Weekend, Lead Tech Differentials - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="TH Dallas in Dallas, Texas"]Hi Everyone, I was wondering what different people made in terms of 2nd and 3rd shift differentials as well...

Clinical Intern

Updated 1 month ago

Post Bacc Certificate - 2 Replies

You could apply to the match as an independant student (MTIMPM code 43). The website will say michigan state university but you are not applying...


Updated 1 month ago

From having ASCP certification to applying a California CLS license - 95 Replies

[QUOTE who="aaron in Alhambra, California"]If anyone knows any places in South Cal area are hiring medical technologist with ASCP certification...

dojm in Palm Springs, California

Updated 1 month ago

pinoy MTs in US, discussion board naten ito. - 382 Replies

calling all my fellow MT colleagues.. as ASCPi certified, are we entitled to NCA/ ASCP merging?? are we benefitted? if yes, how do we enjoy it then?

mtinnebraska in Kimball, Nebraska

Updated 1 month ago

biomedical scientist or clinical scientist from UK wanting to work as MLS/MLT in USA - any advice please - 1 Reply

Can anyone who understand both the UK and US system please please help! I have a BSc in Biomedical Science from King's College London and I'm...

njbiodude in California

Updated 1 month ago

HELP! Yet another dope with a Biology-related B.S. seeking to break into MLT/MT work. Must I take an MLT course or not? - 7 Replies

OK, I just graduated from Florida State College at Jacksonville's new Biomedical Sciences program. In fact, I was in its first cohort. When I crashed...

Soumen in Tampa, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

CLS Program recommendations? My Choices are UTMB, MD Anderson, TexasTech... - 14 Replies

Hi there! I plan on applying to a CLS program this Spring 2015 but I'm not sure which school to apply to! I live in Houston, TX and my choices are...

Soumen in Tampa, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

texas tech second degree cls program - 29 Replies

Is anybody graduated or in the Texas tech second degree cls program? If yes can I ask question about the program? There us a thread about phone...

Soumen in Tampa, Florida

Updated 1 month ago


I'm sure there has been another thread of this question but instead of rummaging through page after page looking for it I decided to make my...

rcoronado in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

MT/CLS schools in Texas - 147 Replies

To any MT/CLS who went to college in Texas What program did you choose? Why? Would you recommend it? Did you feel prepared to pass the certifying...

Marianne in Itasca, Illinois

California liscense

I am an MT ASCP 1986 looking for the easiest way to get a calif CLS license.

JShann13 in Mantua, Ohio

Updated 2 months ago

Have a Biology BS but no pro experience, looking for any input/assistance - 2 Replies

So I graduated with my BS in molecular/Cellular Bio back in may of 2017, and have been scouring Indeed, LinkedIn, and now Monster for any entry level...

JSK in Bothell, Washington

Updated 2 months ago

Requirements - 77 Replies

Is there a g.p.a requirement in order to become a medical technologist? Or, do you just have to have graduated with a B.S in one of the natural...

kwiksilber in Loxahatchee, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

CLS Licensing for Philippine Graduate - 169 Replies

I'm a U.S. citizen currently taking the B.S. Med Tech Course at Far Eastern University, Manila, Phlippines. I'll be graduating in 2014. The course...


Updated 2 months ago

Recommendations for becoming an MLT, if already have Bachelor's in Biology - 16 Replies

I have a question and would appreciate any input and advice regarding my question. I would like to become a Medical Lab Technician, and hopefully...


Updated 2 months ago

Why you really don't make that much more money in California... - 49 Replies

California tech @ $36 an hour will make $74880 before taxes. Federal taxes will cost this tech $13395, State taxes at 10% will cost this tech...

Shaimaa in Rochester, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago

ASCP vs ASCPi - 22 Replies

Hi guys! I just have inquiry. Im interested in taking ASCP certification. I worked as a CLS in cali for 2 to 3 years 8 years ago. Im a foreign grad...

HvnsLyt in California

Updated 2 months ago

california limited license microbiology - 10 Replies

does anyone know what is the requirment for limited license in microbiology? Can you apply with a CLS major and 1 year work experience in...

MLT-to-Doctor in Melissa, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Don't waste your time becoming a Medical Technologist - 69 Replies

Its not worth putting in all the education when two year mlt's are taking all the jobs. The pay is bad and no one respects you. Two year nurses make...

CLS1 in California

Updated 2 months ago

MT AAB Experience - 2 Replies

Hello, I am getting ready to take the Mt AAB Generalist exam. Now before you all get started, I really do not want to hear about associate degrees...

CLS1 in California

Updated 2 months ago

CA License without ASCP certification and Job Applications - 3 Replies

I am graduating from the new CLS Program at CSUCI and because we are not NAACLS accredited I will not be able to get my ASCP certification. Most of...

monicaer77@*****.*** in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Im Planning to take the AMT exam. - 1176 Replies

Any tips or suggestion what books should i review or do you have any reviewing materials to suggest... :) Thank you!

CLSUndergrad in Sacramento, California

Working in a food laboratory vs phlebotomy license. Help?!

Hey all! So I’m currently working in a food lab where I prepare samples for testing. I work 40-50+ hours a week on top of school. During the...

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