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Kathy Moss in Missoula, Montana

Updated 104 months ago

Recent Career Step Medical Transcription Grad Looking For Work - 5 Replies

I recently graduated in June and am having a hard time finding someone that is willing to give a "newbie" a chance. If anyone has any current needs...

Debbie in Mayville, Michigan

Post-grad MT needs advice

Greetings all, I've given up on trying to get into a company since I don't have 2 yrs. exp. So, I've decided to take my resume, along with a cover...

Kirtida in Pune, India


Now a forum for Jobs for NON-US CITIZENS.

Karen Gore in Federal Way, Washington

Updated 104 months ago

Part Time/At Home Medical Transcriptionist - 2 Replies

I am a home-based Medical Transcriptionist with more than 25 years of experience working a diverse group of clients. I specialize in Internal...

Laurie77 in Highland Lakes, New Jersey

Updated 104 months ago

Home-based Medical Transcriptionist - 1 Reply

I have 24+ years as an orthopaedic medical transcriptionist as well as 5 years as a physical therapy medical transcriptionist. Looking for...

Indeed Support in USA

Updated 104 months ago

HELP! Post-graduate needs at-home employment. - 1 Reply

I have been searching for employment since December and keep getting the same reply "2+ yrs. experience required" and it's very frustrating. I guess...

Kathleen Hannibal in Saint Louis, Missouri

is this company legit?

I recently was offered a job for Medical Transcription of North Florida, also known as Lasting Impressions of Tallahasee, Inc. Has anyone heard of...

dhananjay khare in Pune, India

Updated 105 months ago

Physician available as Medical Transcriptionist - 8 Replies

Part-time physician(ophthalmologist)seeking part-time medical transcription work when home with the kids. Built-in mastery of medical terminologyand...

spmccraw in Gulfport, Mississippi

deciding between schools

i am currently looking at schools for training. Of course career steps is one but the other is CAI. has anyone ever heard of CAI and can anyone give...

varaprasad in Visakhapatnam, India

Updated 105 months ago

pay - 1 Reply

how much do Medical Transcriptionist who work for home how much do they make.


Updated 105 months ago

Starting in the Field of MT in Michigan - 2 Replies

I'm looking for any pointers as to how to get started in the field of Medical Transcription in Michigan, ie. schooling, training. Then the job...

varaprasad in Visakhapatnam, India

MT Gathering, generate your ideas. There is a way to earn more, if we are one.

Hi friend, I am in Medical transcription field. I would like to add all the people who is from Medical transcription field. So that we can get an...


Updated 105 months ago

Medical Transcriptionist - 5 Replies

I will be graduating from this program this May, it has been hard, and there is no where for our classmates to finish the externship that is required...

Lynnette Moore in North Branch, Michigan

Coding Specialist- How do I get started?

I am currently attending Baker Community College and I am going for hospital coding. I have heard that this not enough education to obtain gainful...

Patty Schmideberg in Moran, Michigan


Looking for an at home position. Graduated from U.S. Career Institute.

Laurie in Oregon in Bend, Oregon

Updated 105 months ago

Mentor Programs? - 3 Replies

I started researching mentoring programs and found AIM and A+Scripts 'n More. Has anyone ever interned with them, or have any suggestions on getting...

s.srinivasan in Coimbatore, India

Updated 105 months ago

Looking for Part Time Transcription Work - 2 Replies

I am currently seeking part time work from home. I would like an IC job where I could log in and out of the server at different times. I will...

typedit3 in Peoria Heights, Illinois

Updated 105 months ago

Looking to persue education in Medical Transcribing... - 3 Replies

Hi there, I'm considering taking an online course to become a medical transcriptionist. I'm in the research stage right now, and have several...

Sheri Ramey/Bridgewater/Lunenburg Co. NS in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Updated 106 months ago

New graduate needing a job. - 1 Reply

I have recentely gotten my completion certificate and really having a hard time finding a job. I know one will eventually, but I really need one now....

Ebee in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 106 months ago

Recent MT Graduate in Omaha, Nebraska - 13 Replies

Greetings! I am a recent graduate with an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences, with my specialty being Medical Transcription. I have taken...

luckie in Milton, Massachusetts

medical transcription work

Hi, I have been doing medical transcription for nearly 15 years mostly in Radiology. I am looking for part-time work (between 8-12 hours a week) as I...

cutiepie57 in Des Moines, Iowa

Updated 106 months ago


I am a recent graduate of the Medical Transcription Program at The U.S. Career Institute. I have been applying for work-at-home based jobs online. ...

ryder in Albuquerque, New Mexico

at-home professions school

i am interested in getting in to mt work. i recently attended a seminar for at-home professions school and wanting some feedback on the school and...

Laurie in Oregon in Bend, Oregon

Updated 106 months ago

I am a recent MT graduate looking for someone to let me get my foot in the door. - 7 Replies

I feel so betrayed by the councelors at my school. I went to them twice asking if the "rumors" of the MT field being so difficult to get employed...

Andy Hutton in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Updated 106 months ago

Learn Medical Terminology Fast! - 1 Reply

If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, there is going to be a series of 3 day Medical Terminology Courses at Glendale Community College in August....

Venkat Rao in Bombay, India

Updated 107 months ago

How to get Medical Transcription Work - 3 Replies

Hi All, I own a small Medical Transcription company in India. We have been working in this field for the past four years. We have worked for...

Laurie in Oregon in Bend, Oregon

Updated 107 months ago

Recent MT graduate looking for part-time or full-time work from home. - 1 Reply

Hi, Im a stay at home mother in desperate need of supplementing my family's income. I recently graduated (July 09) from a Medical Transcription...

hsr6374 in Raleigh, North Carolina

RN, CPC looking for part time coding or transcription from home.

I am a registered nurse and certified coder looking for part time work (locally) doing coding or transcription from home or in the office...

Laurie in Oregon in Portland, Oregon

Updated 107 months ago

Training - 3 Replies

I have read through a lot of post and all I see is how people got scammed and how they can't find work. I was almost sure about picking one of the...

Amit Patil in Bombay, India

Medical Transcription

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Amit Patil. I am running a small medical transcription company located in the central part of India...

belom1125@*****.*** in Shorewood, Illinois

Updated 107 months ago

Medical Transcription - 2 Replies

I have recently completed my Medical Transcription Training with Career Step. However, I am having trouble finding employment. I did have an...

Santosh Laikhuram in Imphal, India

Updated 107 months ago


This is Laikhuram working HBT right now, but need some more works. If opportunities are there, do contact me at Thanks...

LM in Portland, Oregon

Medical Transcriptionist jobs in India

Now there is a forum for jobs in India.

LM in Portland, Oregon

Updated 107 months ago

Medical Transcription jobs outsourced to India. - 3 Replies

Now there is a forum for Medical Transcription jobs outsourced to India.

rathi in Erode, India

Jobs outsourced to India

Now a forum for Jobs Outsourced to India.

powell501@*****.*** in Laurens, Iowa

Updated 107 months ago

Recently graduated can't find a job!! - 1 Reply

I have been looking for a Medical Transcrption job for a month. The sad part of it is that even though I really love it. I need to get a job. I need...

Teresa in Orlando, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

Instant Text - 4 Replies

I was given a copy of Instant Text but need to know for single words that you type when a selection of words come up: For example the word...

dlaurie483 in Toledo, Ohio

Help with a question.

I am working on my transcription and a question that I am being asked but cannot find any information on is..... Sometimes physicians will dictate...

james jonava in san francisco, California

Updated 108 months ago

New Graduate in Medical Transcription Looking Employment - 1 Reply

I just completed a certificate in medical transcription with Central Carolina Community College. My course work consisted medical terminology,...

Melissaw12 in Tiverton, Rhode Island

How do I get started to become a MT

I am looking for a legitimate at home career and I thought becomming an MT might be worth looking into. Does anyone know what I need to get started....

LittleDJ in Ormond Beach, Florida

Medical Transcription

I have been an MT for 18+ years and work for a service in the early morning hours with an accuracy rate of 99%. I am looking for part time or...

Bobby G in Orlando, Florida

Medical Device Jobs

I am interning at Legacy MedSearch this summer and they seem to be a great place to find work in the medical device industry. There website is...

Lee McLean-Houle in Southington, Connecticut

Updated 109 months ago

Medical Transcription esp psychiatry - 3 Replies

Hi I am looking for an at-home position in medical transcription. I have found after doing acute care and clinic work that I really enjoy...

shimi johnson in Bangalore, India

Updated 109 months ago

Company Info - 5 Replies

Does anybody have any information on a company called World Direct Transcription Services? I recently took a test through them and was offered a...


Updated 109 months ago

Would this make anyone else a bit leery? - 5 Replies

I received an email concerning applying to a website for at-home transcription. Both the email and the linked website were full of misspelled words...

rebeccavaz in Columbia, Pennsylvania

Will Do Your Overflow Work or More!!

I am a US-based transcriptionist looking for overflow or IC work in the medical or legal transcription fields. I specialize in psychiatry/behavioral...

sairadhamai in Bombay, India

Maryland, HBT

Dear sir, I am looking for HB work of transcription with an exp of about 5 years from India. I am looking for direct account of Maryland. pl mail...

focusmliptak in Burlington, Massachusetts

Updated 110 months ago

New Graduate-New MT - 1 Reply

I have looked at many MT forums on the web and have seen the same things over and over about the frustrations of the job search for New Graduates. In...

john761 in Ahmadabad, India

Anabolic Steroids

Hi Guyz, I have just found a new site !!!! Just have a look "How To Get An Amazing New Human Growth Hormone Technology"!!! For "Anabolic...

Rathipriya in Hosur, India

Updated 110 months ago

pls help! - 2 Replies

Hi! I am medical transcriptionist.i have one year of experience in medical transcription. I want to start a home based medical transcription.I...

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