MA student in need on a professional Mental Health Counselor's help

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lexiflint1 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

105 months ago

I am a MA student in the field of Mental Health Counseling. My professor has assigned us to interview someone in our field of interest. However, we only have a few days to have this information completed. If you could please help me my answering the following questions, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for your help. If you do not want to answer these questions in this format, I am able to IM, call, or email, please just let me know. I greatly appreciate any help I can get.


1. What are some successful strategies that helped with your academic progress?
2. What are some current trends in the field?
3. Will these trends affect my future work?
4. What are some obstacles to avoid in my academic and professional development.
5. Do you have any advice and feedback on my current plan to become a Mental Health Counselor with a specialization in personality disorders?

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GERALDVMCKENNA@*****.*** in Stoughton, Massachusetts

104 months ago

Discussions/work groups with fellow students---especially the bright articulate ones----and my own beliefs when they contradicted the academic crap!
2.More LICSW's and other narrow people who are too rigid and inflexable and agree on the proliferation of useless paperwork and associated reissuance of the same rhetoric/treatment plans every 60 or 90 days!
3. U will soon tire of producing paperwork to comply with insurance companies useless demands and rules----that your tightassed boss enforces!
4.Become an efeective REAL therapist ASAP and create a private practice ASAP and connections to as many referral sources as possible and give them what they need---clients who get help and get better because you are effective and REAL
5,T ake any and all clients do not specialize in abc specialize in being real and effective as a 1 to 1 counslor, couples families groups etc regardless of any factor--age sex sexual orientation religion or lack drugs alcohol weed wife beaters victims PTSD etc economics education social skills or lack thereof AVOID PERVERTS AT ALL COSTS

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mhc license eligible in Brooklyn, New York

97 months ago

I agree with number 5! However, you may want to look into DBT training - google Behavioral Tech, Marsha Linehan DBT.

DBT has been researched to work effectively with borderline clients, especially with substance abuse issues. However, the theory is applicable to almost any kind of client. You could potentially "specialize" in this and work more closely with whatever population you choose. It's great to have a niche, but the person who replied before me is right about truly specializing in being real and effective. I also recommend reading "The Gift of Therapy," by I. Yalom. It's a personal favorite and may have some great/useful tips for a therapist at any stage of their professional development.

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