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Future in Nuc Med with certification in Nuclear Cardio and PET/CT - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jerome K in Chicago, Illinois"]Hey Im a graduating Nuc Med student later this summer with a BS, and I know the job market is going to be...


Updated 11 days ago

Getting a California NMT License???????? - 35 Replies

Does anyone know how long it actually takes when applying for a California certification for NMT. I thought it takes a few weeks but I read 3 months...


Updated 14 days ago

Very Sad Situation - 193 Replies

[QUOTE who="disappointed in Phoenix, Arizona"]That is sad. I hope you find something soon. I'm still trying to find an interesting and fulfilling...


Updated 4 months ago

CT Tech with ?s regarding PET Certification - 5 Replies

This is off of the NMTCB Eligibility Requirements A candidate for examination must show documented evidence of the following: Active NMTCB,...

BB at BC

Updated 4 months ago

Knowing the risk of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist - 107 Replies

[QUOTE who="Abby Sprague"]I am currently in school to become a Nuc tech and the last graduating class of 18 ppl were all placed in nuc med jobs after...

Christie in Miami, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

So Nuclear Medicine Tech program is a bad idea? - 85 Replies

I have been going to school for about 3 years now and still do not know what career I want to pursue. I though I had finally figured it out. I am...

jlowery34 in Nampa, Idaho

Wage difference between Nuclear medicine and PET

Hi all. I am trying to find out the average difference in pay between a nuclear medicine technologist and a PET technologist. Has anybody on this...

John Valenton in Hayward, California

Updated 13 months ago

Show me the money... - 126 Replies

What are typical nuclear medicine technologist salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make...

NUCMED Tech in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 22 months ago

Best Route to take to get into PET Scan. - 59 Replies

I am currently Active Duty Air Force working as an X-ray tech. I am about 1 month from taking my National Registry and have no worries about passing...

Jnukes in Grove, Oklahoma

Updated 28 months ago

Texas Medical Board - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has had success in obtaining their MRT license in Texas and if so how long it took? Just been waiting for mine to come...

turbojarhead in Cypress, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs - 483 Replies

I am starting this discussion, and would like to encourage everyone that has been looking for a NMT job to share their experience in the following...

andy in Guelph, Ontario

nuc med technology

I was thinking of applying to the nuc med and molecular imaging at Michener Institute in Toronto but these forums have been discouraging. Does anyone...

Hi. in Rochester, Minnesota

Updated 38 months ago

A recent graduate weighs in... - 147 Replies

Let me first illustrate for you my perspective on this matter: I recently (on 8/22) graduated from an Ohio school with a Bachelor of Science in...

Lost Student in Chino, California

Job Opportunities in Southern California?

I've been reading this forum for a while, because I've been looking into getting into this field, or one like it. A lot of the complaints I see are...

New Nuc Med Tech in Homer City, Pennsylvania

Updated 41 months ago

What would be more in demand Nuclear Medical Technologist or Bio Medical Technologist - 1 Reply

Trying to debate which one to pick at community college. Both programs interest me comes down to which one have more opportunities. Regarding job and...

AZAMz3 in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 41 months ago

Cross training - 3 Replies

I'm a Nuc Med Tech and want to cross train into Xray, CT, and/or MR. Does anyone know if I have to go back to school, or do online classes and...

Izzy544 in Kingston, Ontario

Updated 44 months ago

Please Be Wise - 228 Replies

I would strongly urge anyone considering a career as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist to PLEASE DON'T DO IT! If you want to go deep into debt just for...

vickee03 in Florida

Updated 46 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Job Networking - 54 Replies

I think We should have a job networking forum, I see some posts on this site but most of the things being said are negative. I know there is a job...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 48 months ago

What is Happening to our Profession? - 317 Replies

I have been a technologist over 25 years. There are no JOBS!! The schools are putting out two many students, which seems to be a money maker for the...

The Dude in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 52 months ago

what to do? - 4 Replies

Hey everyone I'm currently in an NMT program in nj and can't help but notice how this field is not in good shape. At my clinical site our techs are...

Uptown in Vallejo, California

Re-entering the field; thoughts and feelings

I was "lucky" enough to be given a second chance and got a PRN position after 3 out of the field. Anyone out there get a job after so long? Thoughts...

Atticus Finch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

Boom or bust? - 97 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most nuclear medicine...

caveroy in North York, Ontario

Updated 58 months ago


Hello comrades. I have to got to child support court in a few days and prove that I have been looking for work the past two years. Yes I am working...

Andre Johnson in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 58 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Employment - 5 Replies

Hello! I am a nuclear medicine graduate and I know it is hard to find a job for graduates. If anyone can share any advice or suggestions on how can a...

Blessingtifee in Binghamton, New York

Updated 62 months ago

Please can I conduct an interview with a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? - 2 Replies

I'm pretty desperate at this point. And would love to conduct the interview this week. I would if someone can reply to this discussion and consider...

anonymous in Bergenfield, New Jersey

Updated 62 months ago

Being paid per patient in clinic - 7 Replies

I would like some insight or recommendations on being paid per MPI study in a clinic. Is this something I should consider or should I push for per...

Nicole in Walnut Creek, California

Updated 65 months ago

Major Requirements - 53 Replies

Hello all!! im interested in studying to be a nuclear medicine technologist.. the only thing is besides actually majoring in that field are there...

imager in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 65 months ago

nuclear med tech - 1 Reply

i was wondering if anyone knew what the difference if any there was in pay with e 1 year cert, compareed to the assoc, or bach. degrees

Imaging dude in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 65 months ago

How Would I start / Worth it? - 2 Replies

I took my dad in to the imaging center out in Palm Springs to find out whether or not his cancer had spread to his bones. While there the technician...


Updated 69 months ago

Interview questions for Nuc Med Kaiser program in Richmond - 7 Replies

Hello Everyone, I was just notified that I was selected for an interview with Kaiser School of Allied Health Sciences in Richmond, Ca for the...

t in Westfield, Massachusetts

Updated 75 months ago

How can we govern the number of nuc med students graduating nuc med programs? - 5 Replies

lets stop fighting each other and actually tackle the root of our problems, the SCHOOLS! who governs how many students get accepted anyway? We...

b@kary in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 75 months ago

NO JOBS - 13 Replies

Hi,I am a desperate gaduate in NMT.I completed Associate Degree in NMT in oct 09 and got ARRT also,and I have been looking for a job since then.I...

Zemo in Prairie Village, Kansas

Updated 78 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Shortage memo from SNMTS - 27 Replies

FYI ... Date: February 24, 2009 To: SNMTS Members From: Mark Wallenmeyer, MBA, CNMT, RT(N) SNMTS President Re:...

mono in Orlando, Florida

Updated 78 months ago

Whats harder the ARRT registry for RT or the NMTCB - 18 Replies

what do you think?

gene blair saldana in Singapore, Singapore

Updated 78 months ago

Work in California for Australian trained NM Tech - 47 Replies

Hi, I am from Sydney, Australia looking for work in California,preferably San Franscico. I have over 25 yrs experience on all levels including Chief...


Maryland Licensure

Has anyone else experienced drastic delays in receiving NMT certification from the state of Maryland? I have been waiting six weeks now for a...

Ryan in Pittsford, New York

Updated 79 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Jobs - 2 Replies

I have been a nuclear tech for sixteen years. My advice to anyone going into this field is DO Not Do It. The prospects in this field get worse every...

MyoSight in Washington D.C., District of Columbia

NMTCB Board Exam

Hello all. I have just finished my curriculum for nuclear medicine technology and I have my NMTCH board exam coming up. Any advice on how to prepare...

MissyB in Hermitage, Tennessee

Updated 81 months ago

To be the best... - 11 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every nuclear medicine technologist must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your...

mattiemjk in Marco, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

Here is an opening for NMT! - 95 Replies

I am starting this new discussion hopping that if you know of a REAL job opening of NMT, you would be kind enough to share it with everyone reading...

cshac in cocoa, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

PET - 93 Replies

I'm a ARRT(R)(CT), I have an opportunity to work and train on a PET/CT machine. I would be solely responsible for the CT aspect of the exam. I have...

WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

Updated 82 months ago

Dedicated NUC MED tech needs work. - 30 Replies

I am a dedicated Nuclear Medicine Tech with 16 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings. I am experienced in general, cardiac and PET. ...

mattiemjk in Marco, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

Nuclear Medicine Technologist - 2 Replies

I am going to be graduating with a B.S. in Nuc Med soon. From what I have been reading is that there are no jobs to be had in the field. I am...

Jenny in Thornhill, Ontario

Updated 83 months ago

nuc med nmtcb requirements - 5 Replies

Hi. I have been a full time R.T.(R) for 20 years at a small (110 bed) hopsital. I have been doing nuc med/x-ray for 15 of those 20 years and nuc...

Jenny in Thornhill, Ontario

Updated 84 months ago

WORK HOURS Help! - 5 Replies

Hey guys, I am new to this forum.. but I had a really quick question. How many days out of the week do nuclear medicine Techs work? Is it 3 days a...

Everett in Slinger, Wisconsin

Updated 84 months ago

why are NM studies on such a decline? - 1 Reply

Our case load has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY in just one year. So much so that we are closing the dept in one of our hospital so it is only open to...

nuctech2012 in Fremont, Ohio

Updated 84 months ago

American Diagnostic Medicine, Elmhurst, Illinois - 38 Replies

ADM with corporate location in Elmhurst, Illinois has a position available for Nuclear Medicine technologist in San Jose, California looking for...

Stanga45 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 85 months ago

Med School - 1 Reply

Could i go to med school with a b.s. in NMT? Im in a program now and i am worried about not finding a job when i graduate.

RICK in Denton, Texas

Updated 87 months ago

What can I do with a BS degree in allied health technologies/nuclear medicine, beside being an NMT? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I am distressed. I don't know the answer to this. I am in the middle of researching. I don't want to get my masters now. With that...


Updated 88 months ago

Nuc Med Sucks - 1 Reply

I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist/BUM!!! I have no job... Thanks

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