LPN 20 years exp...can't get a job?

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Toto in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

92 months ago

Here's the situation, my mother has moved from Missouri to California, San Pedro, she's been waiting for her license to be validated or whatever by the board here, did everything they asked and haven't heard from them nor can we seem to contact them via phone or e-mail and it's been weeks. I asked my mother to take her Resume to Kyser, sit down with someone and explain her situation to see if they are in need of someone with her 20+ years of experience and may know something about how to get in touch with the board here. She tells me that it's all "political" and that you need to know someone at a hospital to get a job...even in an environment that seems to be starved for fresh workers... I do not think my mother is lying to be I just need to hear (or read as it were) from other nurses that this is or is not the case and maybe someone might have a suggestion on what to do about the board of nurses that doesn't require us driving all the way to Sacramento with no assurance that we'll be received or that they wont be closed that day...

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Mia in San Antonio, Texas

89 months ago

I'm not in CA but I would think that she would be able to get a job, uh...anywhere.

Nursing is starved for 'fresh' workers. They want experience...and I'm hnot sure why your mom is having a problem.

Honestly, it's the new grads who are having a hard time (in some areas of the country). Hiring managers don't want to put a bunch of noobs on the floor...with good reason.
But, as previously stated, I don't live in CA and have no idea what's goin on over there.

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Terry in Los Angeles, California

87 months ago

I'm from Sacramento Tell her to go to their web site I don't know off hand. She may be able to contact them online if she can't get through on phone. She needs to get her license transferred here before she can work here like any where. California has the highest testing standards so not all states are the same as far as training. LVN is not the same as LPN as far as job descriptions who in certain circumstances here work right along with RNs doing the same work. Not all LVNs ate made equal as far as their on going individual effort or training but hope you get my meaning. she is licensed to work in another state and has to get her license here. I'm guessing she will need to produce the accredited school she went and I hope the boards keep records of that because as for my license that was over twice that of your mom. A loooooong time ago ha Funny people wanting to get out of Calif. Things are getting bad here. Too many foreigners trying to pile in and crowd out the American nurses better suited to care for American patients but we have a crimex hospital pimps and the quality of care and respect is going out the door. Nurses ate getting out or many would if they could. Not that they're some American nurses not cut out to be nurses but it is the quality of foreigners coming here is comparable to a illegal alien problem taking over factory or construction jobs. And these hospitals are bringing them. So good luck your mom getting that job sincerely.

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celticcat in Las Vegas, Nevada

87 months ago

Hi Toto's Mom;

Hopefully by now your situation has been taken care of. If not, I'd just like to add my two cents worth.

Generally, when an LPN/LVN is licensed in a state, that license is only good for that state. If the nurse moves to another state, she/he must notify the Board of Nursing Licensure in the new state that she/he needs an application to now fill out for that new state's license. This can be done online or via snail mail...but online is easiest. The application will let you know what is required for getting licensed in that new state as well as what the things are that YOU need to do...not them. (ie: having your school send them your school transcripts, fingerprinting if required, names previously used so a background check can be done, etc.). The application will spell it all out for you as to what is needed. Take it step by step and you'll do fine! :)

Now...you can go online and Google "State Compact Agreements/nursing" which will bring up info and maps of just what states have agreements with other states whereby a nurse from State A can work in State B while still using her/his State A's nursing license. Not all states belong to the Compact Agreement, though. And this isn't for the nurse who literally has moved to State B. The Compact Agreement only allows nurses to work in another 'agreement' state while not having moved there. Or for a short period of time if having moved into State B. Your Nursing Board will be able to give you the correct information on this.

Going to Kaiser or anywhere else is fruitless if you don't meet one of the two criterias I've listed here.
If you have given the Board all the necessary info as well as paid the fee, you should receive your license. Remember that Calif. requires fingerprinting and these results can take up to four months before they're received. Also, check online to see if your new license is listed there under 'temporary' or 'new'. They might not use hard cards anymore! :)

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