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Kevin B

Updated 5 hours ago

*Another* home care agency startup. - 240 Replies

I can give you some advice in marketing - online vs. online.

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Anyone successful transferring your license to Florida while in another states Alternative Program?

I'm currently an RN in NC and am in the non-disciplinary Alternative Program in NC. I also have an unrestricted license in CA, but don't want to move...


Updated 17 hours ago

Board ordered nurse - 1796 Replies

[QUOTE who="agkane1 in Cleveland, Ohio"]I can't stress it enough. Always seek legal council when dealing with the BON.[/QUOTE] I wish I knew how...


Updated 1 day ago

THE CON of BEING AN RN - 2430 Replies

[QUOTE who="magnum68 in Hollywood, Florida"]I've been working in the health field for over ten years and I'm still in it. So I know what I'm talking...


Updated 2 days ago

homecare agency start up - 505 Replies

Hi my name is Brenda Pembroke Pines. Currently in the process I can use some help please.


Updated 3 days ago

Canadian RN coming to US (California) - Need Guidance - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="fred in Naugatuck, Connecticut"]you need to have an American approved education . Meaning you need to have studied an AMERICAN RN...


Updated 5 days ago


I think all CNAs should go on strike. I've been 1, am 1, am also a PCA and just graduated LPN. I am always saying the CNAs pay scale saddens me. The...

HarleyQ22 in Claremore, Oklahoma

RN vs. LPN

I'm going to be a Senior soon and I want to know what would be best for me and getting advice from actual nurse's. I wanna work in the neonatal unit...


Updated 8 days ago

I am a RN, but I cannot speaking and writting fluency English - 4 Replies

hi...dear everybody... I am a Taiwanese from Taiwan. I finished my 2 years degree in Taiwan.My first language is Chinese. I got my RN license 2.5...

Dawnett in Humble, Texas

Updated 8 days ago

Refresher Courses - 383 Replies

Hi everyone: A client of mine has been a RN, & resides in NYC & is searching for Register Nurse Refresher Courses. My client has been inactive &...

NiseeRN in West Coast

Updated 12 days ago

Want to leave nursing, advice please - 679 Replies

I would greatly appreciate some advice. I already have regrets so I am just trying to make the best of the situation I’m in now. I am 28 yrs old....

kpdesai17 in Whitby, Ontario

Updated 14 days ago

Canadian RN looking to move to USA - 1 Reply

Hi there, I am a Canadian RPN working as one for 5 years. I graduated from RN as well and will be writing my NCLEX within the next couple months. I...

Dani in Stockton, California

Updated 17 days ago

Foreign applicants to become RN - 80 Replies

I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She is a perioperative registered nurse in Vietnam. What are the specific steps to become an RN in...

Skywalker in Richland, Washington

Updated 17 days ago

Future nursing student.. or not? - 57 Replies

I am a 29 yr old mother/wife of 2 kids (11 yrs, 6 yrs) and have recently started taking pre-req's at community college for their RN ADN program. I...

Aikeen in Bergenfield, New Jersey

Updated 19 days ago

Sponsorship for US trained nurse - 123 Replies

i'm on F-1 visa in the USA and I got my Associates of RN degree from USA, so is there any hospital sponser nurses like me? I'm open to all states.

1stClassAbby in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 25 days ago

Nursing school vs. Cosmetology school - 3 Replies

As a senior in high school, I am facing one of the most important decisions of my life: what to do with my future. Growing up in a family struggling...

Yo in Redwood City, California

Updated 27 days ago

RN at midlife - 1 Reply

I just turned 50 and have always wanted to work in the medical field, but life happened and my path took a different turn. Is it too late to start a...

Milva in Little River, South Carolina

Updated 29 days ago

Need hospitals that sponsor - 362 Replies

I will be graduating on May 08 with my Associates Degree in Nursing. I currently have a student visa and will be applying for OPT visa after I...

Aikeen in Bergenfield, New Jersey

Updated 1 month ago

New Grad RN Looking for a job opening and sponsorship!! - 135 Replies

Hi nurse recuiters I am RN and used to work at a hospital of Korea for 3 years. I've just completed the BSN program in CA. I'm living in...

Nurse2.0 in Olympia, Washington

No experience RN job outside the hospital?

I recently obtained my license, graduated BSN years ago. I thought I finally made up my mind to be an RN but 3 months in med/surg I’m ready to quit....

Nurse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Monitoring Program

I'm in a monitoring program (HPAP) and it's been one year of my 5-year sentence. Compliance has been 100%, etc, no issues with that. Anyways, instead...


Updated 1 month ago

RN or Sonographer? - 8 Replies

I have been accepted into nursing school as an LPN, but having a new baby and 2 teenagers, had to postpone til next fall. Should I apply for...

Student nurse in Auburn, California

Updated 1 month ago

DUI and California RN licensure - 15 Replies

I keep getting mixed opinions about what happens with a DUI and getting to become an RN in california. I received a DUI about 3 years ago and am half...

juanbuch99@*****.*** in Jamaica, New York

Updated 2 months ago

Hedis Training - 8 Replies

Am looking for online Hedis training. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

browneyedbabe in Los Angeles, California

Updated 2 months ago

Is Nursing right for me??? - 74 Replies

I am considering going into nursing (RN program if I can get into one), but not sure if nursing is right for me. Being a single parent of three I...

Mari in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

Should I become a RN? kinda at a dead end right now... - 11 Replies

A little about me.. I am currently 28 and unemployed at the moment. I live with my boyfriend in the suburbs of Atlanta and I went to college for 2...

Xoxhil in Qunicy, Ohio


I am 28 years old and have just been accepted to nursing program, feel indifferent about starting the nursing program , am currently a CNA and don’t...

Flyer in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

Nurse Coders - 101 Replies

Hello All, I am currently a CPC medical coder, due to sit for my CCS. I have a BA in general biology with a minor in english literature. I have...

itty bitty nurse in Houston, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

No Jobs for Registered Nurses Anywhere - 174 Replies

Hey All RN's . . . the reason we cannot find jobs is that medical assistants are taking them. They now work for doctors offices, blood banks,...

Shannon abruzzo in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 3 months ago

Any RN jobs for nurses on probation NOT drug or alcohol related?? - 7 Replies

I am really getting discouraged! I have been job seeking for quite some time, am on probation for an incident, and cant get a job! I have no...

jos the nurse in San Jose, California

Updated 3 months ago

Hygiene vs. Nursing - 119 Replies

Has anyone went to nursing school and Hygiene school? I was wondering which was more challenging?

Dirtydawg in Missouri

Updated 3 months ago

RN of probation - 1 Reply

Hi. I am an RN who is currently employed right now. On my last job as a travel nurse, I didn’t know that an accusation was filed against me, i only...

Shima in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 4 months ago

Bad Nurse Recruiters - 2 Replies

Wanted to start a forum so people can vent about how bad their recruiter experience is. When you post on forums websites made for nurses or Facebook...

JASON from EMED Home Care consulting in in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 4 months ago

What does it take to acquire Home care license in NYS - 17 Replies

Hello, Can someone help/advise, what does it take to acquire a homecare license in the state of New York? What are the requirements? -Stan

SleeplessinKeller in Keller, Texas

quitting to finish my BSN

Hello, I am an ADN with almost 4 years of working experience. I have 2 kids and I have always worked in a procedure/surgical setting. I quit my...

pim381apple in Chesterfield, Missouri

Updated 5 months ago

Out of Work for over 5 it still possible to find a job? - 1 Reply

I have been out of work for 5 months now. I quit my last job because I was planning to go to NP school but that fell through. I have been looking for...

leonardraybrown26@*****.*** in El Paso, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

RN with a BA in Business - 2 Replies

Welcome anyone's opinion on how I can combine my RN license (AD) and my BA in Business into a career.

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Where Are the Highest-Paying Nursing Jobs?

Hello, Job Seekers <br> <br> We just posted a new Indeed Blog about Nursing salaries. Take a look: <br> <br> Nursing is a crucially important...

Michelle in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 6 months ago

Once you are a LPN can you become a RN how hard and is it worth it? - 133 Replies

This is a question that i need to know can anyone please help me with this/

Leslie in Flushing, New York

Can I take the NCLEX without a SSN?

Hi everyone I am going to apply to complete the BSN program, but I don't have a SSN. Is there a way to take the NCLEX without a social? I am...

lauraarual22@*****.*** in Alexandria, Virginia

Difficulty finding a job

Hello everyone, I have been a nurse for 25 plus years. Recently became unemployed after a significant vision loss. Finished up my BSN and currently...

Rani in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

US educated foreign RN on F1 status - 20 Replies

I have my current license as an RN - TEXAS , registered for compact states as well. I am currently on my OPT which will expire on Jan 2010,...

Laurie Sather in EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin


I know I was...I couldn't function anymore after 20 years, ohysicall y I was a mess, emotionally, I had no patience left. After. bad car crash I was...

HausStaff in Eastpointe, Michigan


Hello, Haus Staff Inc. is a Care Provider Network. We're on a mission to preserve the Art of Medicine and Patient Care by providing...

New RN in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Updated 10 months ago

Dermatology nurse - 77 Replies

I,m a 42 years old cosmetologist been in this field for 20 years and decided to fulfull my dream of becoming a nurse. I will be finishing my...

Chelsea in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 11 months ago

DWI and CORI check - 446 Replies

I was in the process of changing career paths and have signed up for a ASN at a local college. This past semester I began taking some academic...

Lorenda Djanie in Tustin, California

H1b or green card sponsorship for RN

Hi , I am a newly registered nurse in the US from Ghana and looking for a hospital that sponsors preferably in Southern California. Help!!!

Renee1020 in New York

RDH thinking about becoming an RN

Hi! I've been an RDH for about 6 years now and I honestly regret my decision everyday for getting into this profession. It's such a struggle to...

Renee1020 in New York

RDH thinking about going becoming an RN

Hi! I've been an RDH for about 6 years now and I honestly regret my decision everyday for getting into this profession. It's such a struggle to...

Mhadz in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

How to be an RN in PA with out of state credentials

Hi, good day, I'm a registered nurse in the Philippines and currently residing in PA since 2015. I'm planning to process my documents for me to get...

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