RN versus OT

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futureOT in Columbus, Ohio

76 months ago

Hello everyone. I have a LOT of questions about becoming an RN so here goes. I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor's Degree in Human Development & Family Science. I decided I wanted to go on to pursue my Master's Degree in OT. I took the science pre-reqs, shadowed many OTs, and also work as a home health aide currently. I have gotten into 3 OT programs for next Fall, but now I am starting to question whether OT is for me or if I would rather go into nursing. I have a passion for the health care industry and I feel like I may be more interested in nursing and feel like I would be helping people more than if I were an OT. My ultimate goal would be to work for an RN for a couple years and get my MSN to become an NP. The problem is, I hold my Bachelor's Degree in something else, so I would either have to get my BSN to RN or ADN to RN. I would rather enroll in the community college and get my ADN since I already have a Bachelor's Degree and I feel like this would be a much cheaper route. But I am worried that when I want to go on to pursue my Master's, they will require me to first have a BSN. Can you enroll in a MSN program with a Bachelor's in another field and your RN license? Also, is there anyone who has any opinions about OT versus RN? I actually considered Physician Assistant as well. Any guidance? Thanks all!


BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

72 months ago

In my opinion OT is a better field to get into. I'm looking into a career in OT, as a Assistant first, then later as a Therapist.


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